10 Differences between the university and the school

  1. You will not have a college supervisor

Yes, there will be no angry supervisor at the university, who will tell you off for every absence and solve your problems with grades. Now you are solely responsible for your studies, and if you fail, you may face expulsion.

  1. International students

If your classmates in school may have been from near abroad, then at university your colleagues may be people from all over the world. So be prepared to show all your hospitality.

  1. Lack of textbooks

Students generally do not have to carry a pile of books with them every day, because all the recommended literature can also be used in electronic form.

  1. Examination session

Be prepared for the fact that every six months an auditor will come to your temple of knowledge and make a thorough inspection. And if the “auditor” is dissatisfied with your knowledge of her/his subject, you may be considered in her/his eyes an incompetent and a slacker.But you can always prepare in advance by thinking about who will write my essay.

  1. Scholarship availability

If you are a full-time student, you may receive a scholarship as compensation for your hard work. Its amount is determined on an individual basis. So, for example, for a perfectly completed session, you will receive a merit scholarship, and only the heads of your educational institution determine how meritful it is.

  1. Attitudes toward students

One of the nice things about higher education is the attitude of professors toward students. In higher education, there is mutual respect between students and professors. But if an instructor sees that you are not interested in his/her subject, or that you do not try hard enough, he/she will simply lose interest in you and you are unlikely to get a good grade for his/her subject in the session.

  1. Many university buildings

Most likely you will manage to visit several buildings on one academic day because classes will often be held in more than one place. Sometimes several buildings that belong to the same university can be located in completely different parts of the city.

  1. New faces

At the university, you will have to get to know a lot of new people. Of course, you won’t remember them all at once, but over time you will get used to your classmates and new professors.

  1. Regular activities

Every university gives students a lot of opportunities that you will never find in school. There will always be interesting lectures or competitions somewhere. You will be able to volunteer or delve into academic activities. The most important thing is not to waste your time.

  1. No “superfluous” subjects

If you are a hardcore humanitarian and you do not need physics at all, you can be glad that the university does not offer courses not related to your specialty.


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