12 big cats evacuated from Ukraine arrive in Poland

Six lions and six tigers from an abused animal shelter near Kiev arrived in Poland on Thursday morning, a spokesman for Poznan Zoo, which organized the evacuation, told AFP.

The Ukrainian truck, which was traveling nearly 1,000 kilometers from Kiev to bypass the central region of Zhytomir, which has been shelled by Russian forces, also had two caracals and an African wild dog, Malgorzata Chodyla said.

The truck that drove Tuesday had to stop and stay parked all night as it came face to face with Russian tanks, she added.

At the border, the animals were transferred to a Polish truck.

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The undocumented animals were brought across the border legally thanks to a recent change in the international CITES procedure (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) and with the help of Poland’s chief veterinarian, Chodyla added.

Poznan Zoo director Ewa Zgrabczynska, who worked on the evacuation, is in contact with several Western organizations eager to take the animals inside.

She has also launched a fundraising campaign.

Despite the war, Natalia Popova returned to the Ukrainian shelter to care for 70 other animals, according to Chodyla.

Two years ago, Zgrabczynska organized the rescue of nine tigers close to death after being stranded in an Italian truck at the Polish-Belarusian border or on their way to a Russian zoo.

12 big cats evacuated from Ukraine arrive in Poland

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