16 best deals: laptops, cameras and video games

Winter weather is heading for most of the United States this long weekend. I go there because what says “beach weather” like snow? OK, maybe I’m doing it wrong. If you’re thinking of looking for a bargain, we’ve got you covered. We’ve found discounts on laptops, cameras, coffee makers and games to help you get through the winter hours. Looked.

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Laptop & PC Storage Deals

Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch

Photography: Apple

While Apple’s newest 14 and 16 inch MacBooks are the obvious choice for power users, the 13-inch model is still worth considering if your budget isn’t quite as high. The model performs slightly better than the Macbook Air. (Read our guide to choose the right macbook.) This offer gives you the most storage space for the price of the entry-level model. The offer is also available on B&H Photography but ends at midnight on January 15.

The AMD-based 13-inch Surface 4 Laptop is my favorite configuration among the many Surface Laptop 4 (see our Surface Buying Guide for more details). This offer gives you 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 128 gigabyte SSD. It was $700 last November and December, but it’s still a pretty solid discount.

We really like Sabrent’s Rocket Nano SSD. It’s small and very fast for everything from backups to storing large video files. It gets hot under heavy loads, like editing videos straight from the drive, and it’s sometimes slow to show up in Windows 10 (I didn’t have this problem in Windows 11), but for backups in moving, transferring data, and surviving on the go, it’s hard to beat at this price. the The 1TB model is also on sale. Discover our Guide to the best portable storage drives for other options.

It’s a budget internal SSD, which means it’s not super fast and isn’t the best option for gamers or video editors, but it’s still an upgrade. solid level if you are short on space. You install it directly on the motherboard of your desktop PC.

This Samsung Evo is a little faster than the more common green (which is also often on sale). The extra speed will make your phone a little faster to retrieve files, but it’s not fast enough for a digital camera (see below for a great camera storage card).

Camera deals

Panasonic Lumix S5

Photo: Panasonic

Our favorite full-frame video solution is currently on sale at its lowest price ever (the same price it dropped on Black Friday in 2021). Discover our guide to the best mirrorless cameras for more details on why we love the Lumix S5 so much.

GoPro has been handling this deal since November, but the company recently added its new Enduro battery to sweeten the pot. I’ve been testing the Enduro for a few weeks now, and while the extra runtime always depends on the type of video you’re shooting, I can now reliably get around 35-40 minutes of 5K video out of a single Enduro battery. This offer includes a one-year GoPro subscription, so if you don’t want that beyond the free year, be sure to set a reminder to cancel it.

This is by far the best SD card I’ve used in a digital camera. There are a few that are slightly faster, but I’ve never had a problem with this Lexar, and it’s proven to be very reliable. I don’t want to jinx it, but I have two that are almost six years old and still work like new.

Offers for home, kitchen and e-bikes

Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

Photography: Eufy

The BoostIQ is a Powerful and affordable robot vacuum cleaner. It’s a few years old and doesn’t have an app like newer models, but it still gets the job done. It’s small, uses bumper technology to clean around your house, and has a pretty good battery life. It’s a great entry into the world of robot vacuums.

If you need a new mattress, this is one of our favorites for fans of firm styles. It’s a hybrid, so there’s a combination of cooling gel foam, high-density foams, and individually wrapped coils, and you might like it if you’re dealing with certain types of back pain. Read more about it in our Guide to the best mattresses. We’ve also rounded up other home and bedding deals earlier this week here.

If you like a great cup of coffee ready when you wake up, this Cuisinart fits the bill. I had a very similar model and loved the ability to set the exact temperature I want my coffee to brew at.

I’ve tested several Nutribullets now, but not this one, and found them to be solid blenders that can handle everything from your basic smoothie to tougher things like homemade nut butter. . If you need a blender and don’t want to spend a fortune, this deal does the trick.

Game offers

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Photo: CD Projekt Red

WIRED staff love The Witcher 3. One of us even calls it the best game of the decade. So go ahead, flip a coin to your Witcher.

Immerse yourself in the user-created world of Mario with this in-game deal we called “one stop shop to be completely destroyed by Mario levels.”

It’s been out for a while, but like most Nintendo games, it doesn’t often get discounts. You get classic donkey kong action here, but it’s also for anyone who loves sidescrollers.

This Assassin’s Creed game often goes on sale, but that price makes it a steal. It is verbose with a twisty storyline, but raiding Saxon villages as a Dark Age Viking makes up for that. It’s a beautiful game also to watch.

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16 best deals: laptops, cameras and video games

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