2022 VW T7 Multivan officially announced

Discover the all-new Volkswagen T7 Multivan, which promises futuristic styling, a new platform and a new advanced engine.

Despite the popularity of SUVs and the availability of several 7-seater options, there is nothing better than a bus when it comes to practicality and mobility.We also had some of us The best road trip in the Volkswagen Combis and Caravelle range Over the years.

The new Volkswagen T7 Multivan is said to replace the current form of Caravelle, and VW said the name change “reflects the complete overhaul of its predecessor, while still providing the same versatility to Caravelle’s loyal fan base. To provide sex. “

The design is completely subjective, but I can’t help but admire its futuristic look. In terms of size, the new model has a longer wheelbase, wider width, lower profile, improved aerodynamics and reduced fuel consumption. A long model will also be available.

Volkswagen T7 Multivan Engine

If you’re not impressed with the very futuristic design, the engine will surely stir your imagination. The plug-in hybrid is available for the first time. A 1.4-liter TSI engine labeled “eHybrid” is combined with an 85 kW electric motor to produce 160 kW. A 13kWh lithium-ion battery is mounted under the floor of the van. Volkswagen doesn’t offer electricity-only features yet, but I think it’s perfect to perform a pure electricity setup for a short trip to the store.

There are still internal combustion engines with 100 kW 1.5 liter turbo petrol engines and 150 kW 2.0 liter turbo petrol engines. For diesel fans, a 110 kW 4-cylinder TDI will be introduced later, and all these engines will be combined with a 7-speed DSG.

The biggest change is the switch from the Volkswagen Transporter platform to the popular MQB deployment. The MQB supports everything from Volkswagen Polo, Golf and Tiguan to the Audi A1 and A3. Its versatility is very impressive, focusing on the space and packaging of the multi-van.

The MQB platform offers more flexibility and space to the new T7 Multivan with a clever modular seating system and smart table setup. With space for seven passengers, the new seats are 25% lighter than before. The second row can be rotated 180 degrees for a conference-style seating arrangement. The 3rd row bench has been changed to a 3-seat independent seat, making it easy to put on and take off.

The new table is impressive furniture. Volkswagen claims that it can be moved between any row of seats and can only be used as a center console between front seats. The fully removable table features adjustable height, three cup holders, and a storage box.

Inside, you’ll notice that there are no transmission tunnels and handbrake, which further expands the cabin space. The drive selector has been moved to the dashboard and features shift-by-wire technology. Volkswagen has added more than 34 driver assist systems with a focus on improving safety, convenience and comfort. Safety technologies such as city emergency braking, dynamic road sign display and lane assist system are standard equipment. The new multi-van also features semi-automatic driving capabilities, thanks to predictive adaptive cruise control and lane assist.

We are waiting for comments from Volkswagen SA on where the new T7 Multivan is available and where it fits in the context of the lesser-released T6.1.


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2022 VW T7 Multivan officially announced

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