3 best smart pens we’ve tried so far (2021)

In most parts across the country, the students resumed their studies. Some are in classrooms for the first time in a year, while others are keep learning from their dining tables. No matter where you are, school requires taking notes.

Entering notes on a laptop can be faster, but physically writing something helps you remember and learn more about it. Some of us prefer to put a real pen on paper, but having a digital backup is convenient for organization and study on the go.

A smart pen lets you write by hand and instantly have a digital file. You can save files as PDF, images, Word Docs or transcribe them to a text file in Google Docs, to make all your notes searchable. Some smart pens can also record, which is great for conferences and interviews. If your notes require an upgrade, we recommend giving them a try.

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3 best smart pens we’ve tried so far (2021)

Source link 3 best smart pens we’ve tried so far (2021)

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