4 good reasons why your business needs more videos

There’s a reason TikTok and Reels are so popular. These short videos are engaging and entertaining, and when produced effectively with a solid strategy in mind, they can leave a lasting impression. Research shows that 84% of consumers make a purchase while watching a branded or corporate video. In addition, your customers consume a lot of video: the average consumer watches video content about 100 minutes a day.

It should come as no surprise that video marketing is on the rise, and why marketers shouldn’t underestimate the positive impact it can have for your business or brand.

“Video marketing is a powerful way to connect with your existing and potential customers and has a direct correlation to increased sales,” said Desireé Gullan, executive creative director and co-founder of G&G Digital. “It all starts with creating video content that resonates with your audience.”

Gullan suggests the first place to start is to look at your data from social media, email, and website, to better understand what content is getting views and engagement, and then doing more with it. Use surveys and calls for feedback to understand your customers’ wants, needs, and dislikes. “Let your existing customers or subscribers guide your content strategy and storytelling style and be sure to apply your ideas in new and creative ways. It’s also important to highlight your key messages so that your investment is not lost. on limited consumer time and attention,” Gullan added.

Here are four ways to make video work for your brand:

1. Add video to landing pages

This improves your search ranking and can increase conversions by 80%. Make sure your video content tells the right story and conveys the right emotion. You can include strong calls to action.

2. Use video in email marketing campaigns

Research proves that including the word “video” in a subject line dramatically increases open rates, and video can be more effective than text, especially for complicated topics or when striking images are needed. .

3. Include influencers and customer reviews

Videos that include references and recommendations build trust and increase conversions.

4. Create shareable content

Produce compelling video content and your customers will share it. This opens your business to a wider audience that trusts recommendations from their community.

The benefits of video marketing should not be ignored, even if you operate in highly regulated industries. “Whatever your industry, be sure to follow regulations by including disclaimers, obtaining approvals, and keeping a record of your approved scripts,” Gullan concluded. “The extra effort it takes to produce strategic video marketing will pay off.”

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4 good reasons why your business needs more videos

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