4 Ways to Book Luxury Winter Accommodation in SA Within Budget

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Many travelers are doing their best to get some bargains during the upcoming winter season.

That said, travelers do not want to compromise on their accommodation. They still need all the contemporary comfort and bespoke experience without breaking the bank.

Travel expert and owner of Camps Bay Apartments, Elise Seawell, said travelers should opt for a luxurious stay. Especially in the story of the third wave in South Africa.

“South African travelers should opt for a luxury stay in a private villa, which allows us to escape from the mundane lifestyle that Covid-19 forced us, even during a strict blockade.” She said.

Sewell shares four ways to book luxury winter accommodation in SA within your budget.

Book a mid-week stay

It’s as attractive as a weekend retreat, but high demand means travelers pay exorbitant prices.

Mid-week accommodation is cheaper due to fewer property reservations. Traveling in the middle of the week also means fewer people.

“A great way to recover from Zoom fatigue is to provide your colleagues with Zoom FOMO. Show off your views, rim flow pools and beautiful interiors in your Zoom background or Instagram feed,” Sewell said. Stated.

Alternatively, you can turn it off for a few days and immerse yourself in the peace and tranquility of your surroundings.

Last minute bookings will ensure a better price for you

Sewell believes, “If you book at the last minute, you’ll get better rates and deals.”

She said the new trend was to “do everything at the last minute.”

“The plan no longer means super-organization, as we have all seen what happened to Europe’s summer overseas plan.”

She said that if demand is low, travelers may get a gorgeous bargain when booking a trip close to the travel date.

Book directly at the property

The booking platform may offer you some discounts, but Sewell suggests that people book directly at their accommodation.

“Third-party platforms charge a fee of 15% to 20%. These fees are in addition to the base fee. Choose the base fee instead,” she said.

Book luxury villas for large groups

The price of a villa may seem expensive, but if you divide it into a large group, it will be cheaper than the room rate of most hotels.

Sewell said it’s a perfect option for a group of friends who still want to live a luxurious life but can’t afford it.

Luxury villas have all the facilities you need to travel and are perfect for those who are “splitting”. If not included in the villa price, please take into account meals and other costs.

4 Ways to Book Luxury Winter Accommodation in SA Within Budget

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