5 Little Details you need to pay attention towhile making TikTokvideos

Have you ever tried to imitate some famous TikTok user’s videos and made some of your own and ever wondered, why does he/she get more viewers and likes than me even though we’re doing the same thing?

Or have you tried experimenting with a group of friends and posted the same content on your TikTok accounts and wonder why you have different number of views or likes?

There are small details that you need to pay attention to if you are pursuing a way to attract viewers and getting TikTok likes.

In this article, we will try to explore and list down some of these small details that matter when you are making videos and posting them on TikTok.

  1. Thumbnail

Usually, when you upload your videos and content on TikTok, the first frame by which the video was taken is automatically the thumbnail of the video.

Thumbnails are important, because it serves as the initial impression that users and viewers would use to judge whetherthe content you’re making is interesting and entertaining, or not.

Make it a habit that when making your videos, use a visually attracting or eye-catching first few seconds into the video. There are plenty of ways to do this including by using timers and doing everything manually or using third party applications or software to edit your videos and make an intro in every video.

That way, you can also make a general uniform format for your videos if you wish to, or simply hook in viewers because they see something that they want to see and make them want to see more of it.

  1. Caption

While some may say that captions don’t really amount to much because who would bother reading small pieces of text when you can just watch the video, captions do matter, and they also provide some flavor to the content you post on TikTok.

Some TikTok content creators use captions to put a title to the content they make, or place keywords for others to easily search the video, or to communicate with their audiences such as if they’re advertising some products, their other social media, or doing giveaways.

There are so many uses to captions that many people do not use or capitalize on, and you should be able to creatively find ways to make use of this feature to get more likes, views, and TikTok followers.

  1. Content Quality

When we make videos on TikTok, most if not all users would review the video themselves before they post it. But sometimes there might occur some problems whether it’s on the device, or a third-party application, or TikTok itself that might distort the outcome of the upload.

These might include unwanted cropping, choppy audio quality, and other visual/audio quality discrepancies.

Always make sure to watch the videos you upload on TikTok, not only the videos after you recorded them or after you edited them but watch them on the platform itself.

This way, it helps you see your own videos from the perspective of an audience, and if possible, you might want to share the content you upload to your friends and ask them what they think, so that these feedbacks might serve as your foundation to help you improve the content that you make in the future.

  1. Camera Orientation

TikTok is originally a mobile application, and a large portion of its userbase use mobile when browsing TikTok videos online. However there remains a significant portion of the TikTok users and viewers that use desktop and other devices to browse for entertainment and content on TikTok.

You might want to make sure that you consider this portion of the audience when making your videos and not carelessly change orientations midway into the video, and if you do want to do so, then you might want to edit in such a way that desktop users don’t have to bend their necks or change their screen orientation just to see the content upright.

While you can simply just make videos upright and not change orientations, sometimes it helps with creativity in your content if you’re able to change orientations while taking videos, so you might want to consider learning how to use third-party editing software that can help you achieve changing screen orientations midway into the video and use visual effects to make transitions much visually entertaining and appealing.

  1. Frame Rate

If you’re using an outdated device and/or software while taking videos for your TikTok content, then this might irritate viewers from watching the content that you post.

Always make sure that the videos you post are minimally at the very least running on 30FPS or even 60FPS, so that it’s not painful or laggy to watch on the user’s end. If possible, consider investing on a high-quality device or camera to record your videos and/or use video-editing software that can render the videos you make to play on higher number of frames so that the videos would look smoother and much pleasing to look at.

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