6 Video Marketing Tactics to Improve Your Lead Generation

How effective is online video marketing?

Video is used to engage with your audience in a different format than your more traditional digital content. It’s a quick and easy way to create digestible insights and it continues to change the way sales forces connect with prospects and improve your customer’s online journey.

According to Hubspot:

Other studies show that “retention rates for information that is both seen and heard reach 80%, compared to 20% for information that is only seen”. 57% of your online customers are more likely to buy your product after watching a demo video.

With the statistics above, any organization can see the value of investing in video content.

6 Tactics You Can Use Video Marketing To Improve Your Lead Generation

1. Increase traffic to your site by optimizing your video content
YouTube is the second largest search engine (Google being the first). You can increase your searchability by uploading your video content to YouTube. Also, if you host the video on your web page and transcribe it, you will attract more visitors to your site. An increase in SEO traffic means an increase in conversion (see next tactic) and can lead to more sales. Click here for more SEO tips for 2022.

2. Increase your conversion rates by using explainer videos on targeted landing pages
With more visitors to your website, take a look at your top-converting landing pages. Optimize them and increase your chances of conversions by adding relevant video content. These can take the form of demonstration or educational videos around your product or service with a strong call to action. Or, in the B2B space, a preview of a white paper with a secure form to download the full version. Click here for Adclick’s 2022 Digital Trends Guide for actions you can take.

3. Attract more leads with online advertising
Integrate videos into your online strategy. Most social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok allow marketers to use a mix of videos and live content stories to convey their brand in a fun and authentic way. Amplify your efforts by using videos in your online advertising, increasing your reach and improving your brand awareness with a small to medium budget. According to, “Video ads are better for engagement and brand recall metrics than your typical image ads because videos stand out more in a crowded News Feed and are more likely to capture attention. of a viewer through autoplay features on most social platforms.”

4. Custom Video Trackers
With all the advancements we’ve made in the digital world, you can improve your customers’ online experiences and build brand loyalty by personalizing your videos. Set up automated video responses, but get creative by using your own in-video sales team to introduce themselves. Take it a step further by including tutorials on exactly what that specific customer bought.

5. Social Media Video Retargeting Ads
Unleash the power of social media by taking advantage of retargeting ads. Unlike regular banner ads, retargeting ads are served to everyone who landed on your website. You can also create lookalike audiences within your social media advertising platforms and reach new customers who have never discovered your product. Create engagement and understanding now using video formats.

6. Build your credibility with interviews and customer testimonials
Let your customers speak by creating a video library of testimonials. Interview them to find out how and what they like about your services or products. This not only creates authentic content, but your audience is more likely to believe a review directly from someone who has interacted with your brand.

Don’t miss your chance to generate more leads and sales! Implementing these suggested tactics can help boost your marketing efforts, drive traffic to your website, and improve your online conversions. Contact our Adclick Africa experts to help you create authentic and engaging corporate videos to bring your brand to life!

6 Video Marketing Tactics to Improve Your Lead Generation

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