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A 50-year-old Limpopo teacher at the dock who allegedly raped a student, 17 years old

A school teacher appeared in court. (Getty)

  • Mbilwi junior high school teachers allegedly raped a 17-year-old boy several times in 2018.
  • According to police, he was arrested last Friday and is facing three counts of rape.
  • A 50-year-old child will apply for bail next Monday.

A 50-year-old teacher at Mbilwi Middle School in Thohoyondou, Limpopo, was in the dock on suspicion of repeatedly raping a 17-year-old student.

The man appeared in the Magistrates’ Court of Thoyandou on Monday with three rapes. Brigadier General Motrafera Mohapero, a police spokesperson, said the case was postponed to May 24 as a man obtained a legal representative and filed a formal bail application.

The teacher was arrested on May 14th. According to police, the student was raped by a man several times in 2018.

Mohapero said:

In one case, he offered her to help with additional lessons, but instead took her to a lodge where she was allegedly raped. He then threatened the child and offered her money to silence her.

The victim, now 20 years old, had an incident at the Thoyandou police station in April, a spokesman added.

He said the Child Protection and Sexual Crimes Unit (FCS) of domestic violence took over the case. After a lengthy investigation, the suspect was arrested.

State Education spokesman Tidimalo Chuene told News24 that the office knew of the arrest.

“These are serious and very disturbing claims that cannot be underestimated. I will comment on this issue at a later date,” said Chuene.

Mbilwi Middle School became a hot topic in April after 15-year-old Lufuno Mavhunga, who was assaulted in a bullying incident, overdose pills. She died in the hospital.

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A video showing Mavhunga being pushed and pushed by another teenager was disseminated on social media.

The accused teenager Arrested and released on R1500 bail..

The incident results National debate over bullying In other environments such as school and work.

SAHRC hearing

Meanwhile, on Monday, the Limpopo SA Human Rights Commission announced that it would conduct hearings on bullying, corporal punishment, and the sexual relationship between state teachers and students.

The hearing will be held from Tuesday to Thursday.

The Commission said it is expected that the Ministry of Education of Limpopo and other key stakeholders will provide the Commission with information and evidence on how it can address the identified challenges.

SAHRC Limpopo Manager, Victor Mavidura said:

“School bullying has reached its prevalence within the school, as highlighted by the recent tragic incident at Mbilwi Secondary School in the Vhembe district of Limpopo.”

He added: “Learner bullying further adversely affects the rights of minors, including equality, dignity, security and security, and the right to basic education.

“The Commission called for the participation of parents, teachers’ unions and South African police. [SAPS], Social Development Bureau [DSD], Civil society and others appear before it and provide evidence under an oath during the hearing process. “

Mavhidula said the purpose of the hearing was to investigate whether the education department and other role players properly prevent, deal with, and prevent bullying between students, and what interventions are needed. It was.

“The outcome of the hearing is also to identify the prevalence of corporal punishment within schools in the state and the tendency of sexual relationships between educators and learners,” he said.

A 50-year-old Limpopo teacher at the dock who allegedly raped a student, 17 years old

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