A catch-up club to prevent children from dropping out after the world’s longest school closure

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According to Save the Children, Ugandan children will return to the classroom today after the world’s longest school closure, but with lost learning, dropout rates will be high in the coming weeks without urgent action. There is a possibility of becoming.

In March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all schools across the country were closed. Since then, Uganda has completely or partially closed the school and put some children’s education on hold for 83 weeks.

Last November, Save the Children clearly One in five children in vulnerable countries, including Uganda, dropped out of school due to increased poverty, child marriage and child labor exacerbated by the pandemic.

Agents are now warning of a “second wave” of dropouts, as returnees who are late in learning are afraid of not having a chance to catch up.

To tackle the learning crisis in Uganda, Save the Children has created a catch-up club, an innovative approach that accelerates the recovery of learning lost during a pandemic and helps children successfully return to school. I launched it.

The club evaluates children, teaches them to the level necessary to regain literacy and other learning, and provides child protection and cash support for families struggling to send them to school. Offers.

Despite efforts to provide distance learning, many children could not access online lessons during the pandemic due to lack of computers or insufficient internet connection.

Catch-up clubs provide the boost that vulnerable students like Ben *, 11 need to avoid repeating the year or dropping out forever.

“* Before joining the catch-up club, I didn’t know how to use the sound of letters. I [confused] In very long words [in books], ” Ben explained, Enrolled in a catch-up club in Wakiso, Uganda. “* Games and songs helped me learn how to pronounce and read long words. I can now understand them whenever I find them in my homework or fairy tales.” *

Catch-up clubs are especially aimed at children who are lagging behind in grades 3-5, who can accelerate learning relatively easily. After about 12 weeks, at least 80% of participants will be able to read and write standards that they can learn independently.

Edison Nsubuga, Head of Education for Save the Children in Uganda, said:

“As schools are starting to reopen nationwide, it is important that all girls and boys have access to the support they need to successfully return to the classroom.

“As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many children are lagging behind in school. Children who are late in learning are less likely to unleash their adult potential, but they need them. Children can reach their full potential by improving their learning skills and receiving quality education.

“The catch-up club program is a holistic approach to education that benefits all levels of the community. Clubs are the lifeblood of many Ugandan children, and most schools remain closed for nearly two years. Without a club, some of these children may not return to school today. “

Save the Children, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Sports of Uganda, Encourage the family Nationwide to prepare children, including pregnant girls and teenage mothers, and bring them back to school.

In addition to Uganda and Colombia, Save the Children will launch catch-up clubs in Myanmar, Malawi, Bangladesh, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Nigeria, with more countries reaching more than one million children. We are continuing our efforts to do so. The end of 2022.

As schools reopen in Uganda and elsewhere in the world, Save the Children will help governments and donors return to class for all children, make up for lost learning for families and teachers, and more. An education system that calls for ensuring that you get back what is better and more resilient. The organization is also urging the government to continue learning through comprehensive distance learning if the school closes the door again.

Distributed by the APO Group on behalf of Save the Children.

A catch-up club to prevent children from dropping out after the world’s longest school closure

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