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A criminal case is held, a condemnation game over the chaotic Johannesburg Council

Members of ANC and EFF singing during the Johannesburg Council sitting on Thursday.

  • The first seat of the Johannesburg Council was confused on Thursday.
  • The councilor discussed the voting procedure for the chairmanship in Article 79.
  • The EFF, ANC, and DA have accused each other of failing to meet the council’s agenda.

A game of blame among DA, ANC, and EFF followed the chaotic sitting of the Johannesburg City Council meeting, which ended in a stalemate on Thursday night.

At the council seats, which began Thursday at 10:00, there was discussion of the voting process between ANC, EFF, and DA-led coalition partnerships.

Vascoda Gama, the chairman of the council, had to call on the councilors to order due to repeated discussions.

Da Gama offended EFF and ANC when he said the council’s rulebook did not allow secret ballot voting.

The agenda was to elect a chair and a chair to lead the Article 79 Committee.

The ANC and EFF had the ambition that some of their members would lead the oversight committee, but some DA-led coalition partners wanted to lead those roles.

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News24 understands that ANC has met with a small political party regarding voting blocks. Secret ballots work to hide the name behind the vote.

ANC and EFF refused to listen to Dagama while deciding which voting procedure to follow.

ANC and EFF councilors sang throughout the rest of the council until the council was postponed.

Da Gama said some councilors and councilors will be manually processed during the meeting and will file criminal charges against the ANC and EFF.

Da Gama said he was appalled by the actions of the ANC and EFF councilors. He argued that the City Structure Act of 1998 did not allow the election of chairmanship by secret ballot.

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According to Da Gama, the council chairman, mayor, and floor leader may be elected by secret ballot.

Recent amendments to the City Structure Act have stipulated the floor leader of the council, which is elected according to Schedule 2. This was stipulated in Section 41A (4) of the City Structural Reform Act.

“Regarding the election of the chairman of the Commission under Article 79 of the Structural Act, their election process was not based on Schedule 3, which stipulates secret ballot. Therefore, voting for the election process takes place in the council. “Dagama said on Friday.


Meanwhile, the EFF said it would not be bullied by Dagama and claimed that the party would allow secret ballots.

Sepetlele Raseruthe, leader of the EFF Johannesburg Caucus, told News24 that the confusion when sitting was due to Dagama.

He said:

The speaker must come back and show us a document that convinces us of his position. What we want is the best service for the people of Johannesburg. We voted for DA just for the city to run and didn’t expect anything in return.We are not happy [accept] Common sense of the speaker. I can’t forgive it.

Raseruthe said the rulebook is silent on the issue of secret ballots.

ANC also blamed DA.

Mpho Moerane, the leader of the party’s caucuses and former mayor of Johannesburg, said the DA continues to undermine the democratic process.

“The elements of the Democratic Alliance’s tyranny are trying to undermine the national struggle for liberation, the democratic process, continue to bring ridicule, and deny Johannesburg’s service and accountability inhabitants. The ANC condemns the actions of the Democratic Alliance, with absolute contempt and diminished capacity at the expense of the inhabitants of Johannesburg. “

After the 2021 local elections, no party had a complete majority. DA was able to build partnerships with other political parties to run a majority government in Johannesburg.

The next council seat was scheduled for next Tuesday.

A criminal case is held, a condemnation game over the chaotic Johannesburg Council

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