A Guide to Cashback Casino Bonuses

Losing is quite an inevitable occurrence in betting. In most casinos, games and odds are always in the house’s favor, yet players still play regardless. As a way of compensating players, casinos have developed policies over the years to mitigate the losses. One of these policies is the cashback bonuses.

Depending on how you view it, cashback bonus isn’t just a way of compensating players for their consistent losses, but also a way for casinos to fight off competition. Who would ignore a casino that offers generous bonuses and a cashback policy for another that doesn’t? Yes, you are right. No one! To help you make the best use of these rewarding cashback casino bonuses, we will be walking you through our easy guide below.

What is Cashback Bonus?

This refers to a calculated percentage of players’ bet losses returned as an incentive to compensate such players and foster loyalty. It isn’t free money. It is a bait that you can make the most of. Casinos are businesses operated by owners to maximize profit, and like every other business, competition can be adversely affected.

Therefore, casinos create a cashback bonus policy as a loyalty incentive to wade off competition. Unlike signup bonuses, cashback bonuses aren’t meant for new players. The very essence of this bonus is to reward loyalty.

Also, cashback bonuses are structured in a way that returns a certain percentage of your wager as goodwill instead of losing everything. You will find most online casinos have this kind of bonus policy.

One would naturally think that cashback bonuses are withdrawable. However, this isn’t the case every time. Many casinos have varying policies in this regard. Some may offer you cashback bonuses in the form of real money that is withdrawable from your online wallet, while others won’t.

For the others, they offer these cashback bonuses as virtual coins that cannot be withdrawn but are available in your bankroll. You can play other games with the bonus and earn withdrawable cash through them. However, the bonuses, in themselves, are not withdrawable.

Choosing a Casino with a Rewarding Cashback Bonus

The cashback bonuses aren’t always eye-catching at first, but they are very rewarding in the long-run. Imagine a casino willing to give you a 15% cashback bonus on all your bets. In the long run, not only will you have a remarkable sum in your bankroll, but it will also mean you are only using 85% of your bankroll to bet, and the extra 15% is a long-term investment. Here are some tips that would guide you in choosing the right casino with the most rewarding cashback bonus.

1.    Ensure the Casino is a Licensed

No matter how juicy the offer or bonuses are, if the casino isn’t licensed, you just might be building your castle in the cloud. The very first step to playing a rewarding game is to ensure you are dealing with a licensed casino, whether it be an online casino or otherwise.

When a casino is licensed, it is very likely they have regulations guiding their cashback bonus policy and other bonuses. Ensure you read the regulations, so be sure the bonus structure is the one that truly offers a long-term benefit and not just insignificant returns.

2.    Don’t Fall for the Wager Trick

You don’t have to wager much to be qualified for a bonus. This may even be a trick you need to run from. A casino offering a cash back bonus may have a bet limit that attracts a bonus. However, such a wager must be reasonable and capable of providing a long-term reward benefit.

Disregard any huge wagering requirements. They are not often worth it in the long run. Also, be certain that the casino has the kinds of games you want to play. This will prevent you from earning the bonuses you won’t be able to spend in the long run.

3.    Check When the Bonus Expires

Bonuses won’t last forever, and some casinos have mastered this timeframe in a way that further benefits them. Remember that it is only a percentage of your loss that is being returned as cashback, and it is meant to accrue into something you can use to play other games with. However, the bonuses may become useless with a very short expiration timeline, especially when the bonus percentage is ridiculously minute.

 Final Thoughts

There are so many technicalities that a casino may hide behind in others to make you a bonus offer that isn’t an offer. Therefore, you must read the terms and conditions before you invest in the games.

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