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A Johannesburg man died a few days after police allegedly attacked him

  • A 29-year-old man who was arrested for possession of drugs and resisted the arrest died a few days after being allegedly beaten by police.
  • the manBrother filmed and recorded the incident.
  • One of the police officers allegedly involved in the attack refused the man’s permission.The girlfriend, who witnessed what had happened, charged him.

An autopsy was conducted Thursday after a man allegedly assaulted by police for possessing drugs and resisting arrest died earlier this week.

The 29-year-old suspect was allegedly beaten on June 12. He died more than a week later.

The assault, allegedly by police at the Jeppe police station in Johannesburg, took place in front of a man’s girlfriend and his brother, said Ndileka Cola, a spokesman for the Independent Police Investigation Agency (IPID).

“The deceased brother also took a video footage of a police officer beating his brother and some photos. They were also confirmed to be from the Jeppe tracking team. I took it, “added Coke.

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She said the suspect was released after the case was not registered in court.

“His girlfriend took him to the hospital and [he] He was then transferred to a hospital in Mpumalanga, where he died. “

Cola added that her girlfriend tried to prosecute an officer before her partner died.

“The deceased girlfriend was served by one of the police officers who allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, so the case was not opened. [the] J88 form from her girlfriend destroyed it and drove her away. “

She confirmed that IPID was investigating the case.

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A Johannesburg man died a few days after police allegedly attacked him

Source link A Johannesburg man died a few days after police allegedly attacked him

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