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A teacher in the Eastern Cape was stabbed and hollowed out during a discussion about Easter food

A man in the Eastern Cape was killed.

  • An eastern teacher was beaten, stabbed and killed on Good Friday.
  • According to community activists, the attack occurred after the teacher refused to have her girlfriend and sister prepare the meat they bought for the Easter weekend at home.
  • The sisters were arrested.

A teacher in the Eastern Cape is allegedly killed by a girlfriend and her sister during a debate over the preparation of a Good Friday Easter meal.

The incident took place in Kunga, a small agricultural town in Great Kay, about 76 kilometers from East London.

Teacher Lizo Khwatshube is from East London, but the attack took place in a house he rented in Komga, where he teaches technology and natural sciences at a local school.

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Captain Khaya Tonjeni, a spokesperson for the Eastern Cape State Police, confirmed that the sister had been arrested and charged with murder.

He added that 49- and 57-year-old sisters appeared in court for murder on Tuesday.

According to community activist and neighbor Lydo Mngeni, the attack occurred when the sisters insisted that a large amount of meat purchased by Khwatshube needed to be prepared at the family’s home over the long weekend of Easter.


But Mr. Quatsube insisted that the meat should be prepared at his home, Mr. Mungeni said.

The sisters continued to argue that they would use whatever they found, including scissors, to hit or stab the quat.

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According to Tongeni, Kwatshbe was rushed to the hospital but did not survive.

According to Khwatshube’s family, the women hollowed out his eyes.

Quatsube’s distraught sister, Nortand Dikgor, said he didn’t understand what type of person would dig into the eyes of others.

“I’m dissatisfied. I’m angry. I’m angry. I don’t make sense [of this], That person could be devilish enough to pull out my brother’s eyes. It’s empty. “

Dickgor added that her brother’s girlfriend was said to have fled the crime scene after an angry community member landed on her and her sister.


“Community members and neighbors were fed up because she had been abusing my brother for a long time. They had to witness gender-based violence for a long time. They acted on her. When they saw them, they punished them but were saved by the police, “Dicgor said.

Dickgor added that her brother’s girlfriend, who is currently accused of his murder, was a toxic person, even to the entire Quatsube family.

She claimed that her girlfriend accused her and her mother of not being interested in Quatsube’s marriage to her. She insisted that her girlfriend would call and shout:’Heyi wena njakazi ndini, nindinxibisa nini?? ‘(When are you planning to enrove me?) I think you’re better because you’re staying in the suburbs of East London. In Kosa culture, newlywed brides are enrobed in uniquely designed clothing to distinguish them from unmarried women.

Neither Tonjeni nor Anelisa Ngcakani, a spokesman for the National Prosecutor’s Office, were able to reveal what happened in court. Ngcakani’s response will be added when received.

But Mngeni said the woman was out on the street again

“This happened on the day of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. They crucified the teacher for his flesh. It was a shocking incident. The crime was the same we were told to protect. Fucked by a woman. We lost a community builder. This guy was a earner for them. As a community, we were shocked, “Mngeni added.

A teacher in the Eastern Cape was stabbed and hollowed out during a discussion about Easter food

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