Activist publishes revised edition of classified military UFO report

An anonymous reader cites the motherboard’s report. Last June, the Ministry of Defense released The long-awaited, much-talked-about document entitled “Preliminary Assessment: An Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon,” detailing the government’s knowledge of UFOs and the programs that seek to detect and classify UFOs. Many UFOlogists say “UFO report“It shows that the government is taking UFOs seriously, and perhaps it is a watershed in the field in explaining what governments think about UFOs. Unfortunately, the nine-page report was quite disappointing. Reading it mainly like the Pentagon’s solicitation, and movedly we were told that members of Congress had been given a confidential briefing that contained more information that would never be made public.

But John Greenewald, the master of government transparency behind the Black Vault, gives us today: A revised version of the classified report, obtained by submitting a mandatory declassification review. This version of the report is longer and much more interesting. For example, it details the most “common shape” of UFOs found by the military. specific section of classified report“And a handful of UAPs appear to be demonstrating advanced technology,” providing much more detailed information about certain events that the Department of Defense cannot account for and not mentioned in public reports. Navy pilots and officers. The section “UAP probably lacks a single explanation” seems to attempt to delve deeper into what these explanations could be, and the paragraph further corrected for what we believe DoD can be attributed to “external systems” There is this.

Most interestingly, the revised drawings, images, and diagrams from the classified report explain what the DoD believes are the most “common shapes” and “less common or irregular shapes” of UFOs. This section has been completely omitted from the public report and has unfortunately been corrected in the version of the report obtained from Greenewald. The classified report also explains that the FBI has investigated and will continue to investigate the UFO to determine the cause of the phenomenon. The revised section seems to describe the case we investigated. “Given the national security implications associated with the potential threat posed by UAPs operating in proximity to sensitive military activities, installations, critical infrastructure, or other national security locations, the FBI will use its investigative capabilities and powers to conduct deliberate interagency and We are in a position to support. Efforts to determine properties,” the report reads.

Activist publishes revised edition of classified military UFO report

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