Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference

Advantech (stock code: 2395), a global leader in industrial IOT, is launching Advantech Connect, an online partner conference for Advantech’s global partners. With AIoT Vision as its theme, the forum will be held from February 24 to May 6 and will be structured around five main themes: industrial IOT, embedded IOT, the cloud platform IOT – WISE-PaaS, solutions and services of smart city and cloud IOT. In total, more than 20 online forums will be hosted over the next three months.

Discover the latest AIOT trends that help in forming an IOT ecosystem

Advantech Connect will kick off with the AIoT Visionary opening keynote on February 24. Influencers such as Professor William Webb, author of “The Internet of Things Myth”; Alfonso Velosa III, Gartner research analyst; Ken Forster, founder of Momenta; and strategic partners Microsoft and Intel will also give lectures. Various guest experts will discuss IIOT industry trends and perspectives from various perspectives such as IOT development blind spots, promoting business digital transformation with AIOT and training acceleration partners of the AIOT ecosystem thanks to venture capital funds. With an in-depth look at how to use AIOT to accelerate digital transformation and innovation, you can quickly get up to speed on the exciting business opportunities of IIOT.

AIOT market expected to reach US $ 450 billion in 2025

KC Liu, CEO of Advantech, said, “According to the Gartner report, the AIOT market will reach US $ 450 billion by 2025. In this market, integrated solutions and services will account for the majority (around 55 %) of IOT activities. Therefore, I believe that by 2025 the IOT ecosystem will be significantly improved. Liu further asserted that the reason why the IOT has not grown as fast as expected 10 years ago is because AIOT ecosystems must gradually evolve, step by step, from stage 1.0 to stage. step 4.0.

Step 1.0 Creation of WISE-PaaS: IoT-PaaS solutions are needed. Advantech started developing WISE-PaaS in 2015 and released it in 2018.

Step 2.0 Integrable industrial applications: Develop industrial applications as building blocks to ensure easy solution integration. Advantech develops industrial applications and ready-to-integrate solution suites for integrators of solutions for the iFactory, energy and environment, utilities, iRetail, iBuilding and iHealthcare.

Step 3.0 Interconnection in applications and domains: Industrial applications and domain-driven applications need to be properly interconnected so that solution integrators can join the ecosystem and begin to duplicate solution activities in other domains. To achieve this, Advantech applied four tasks, ensuring the readiness of the suite of applications, initiating more key technology breakthroughs, and building strong and committed relationships with domain solution integrators.

Step 4.0 Integrators innovate: Develop innovative solutions quickly and efficiently. This will allow domain system integrators and the IOT industry as a whole to enjoy explosive growth. Ultimately, the digital transformation of all fields will become a popular reality.

Three months, five main topics and over 20 industry and tech-themed forums

In order to provide partners from all parts of the world with the opportunity to understand the latest industry trends in IOT, the Advantech Connect Global Partner Online Forum will feature over 20 industry and technology-themed forums. focused on five main topics for two consecutive months, and on two time zones (Paris and New York).

The Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference is expected to have over 40,000 customers and partners from various industries as participants. Also invited to the conference are technology and industry experts in the fields of edge to cloud, cloud IOT platform, AI, 5G, intelligent transport, environment and energy, smart healthcare, smart logistics, smart retail and more. They are invited to share their opinions and views in the hope of benefiting customers and partners and accelerating digital transformation. In addition, we plan to continue collaboration with partners in order to co-create a sustainable ecosystem, strengthen ecological interconnection and jointly seize the business opportunities of industrial IOT.

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Advantech Connect Online Partner Conference

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