Afcon 2021: Gabon coaches have no problem with the controversial equalizer against Ghana

Ghana’s Daniel Kofi Agyei (left) discusses the controversial goals of Gabon’s second half with Patrice Neveu, director of Panthers.

Gabon coach Patrice Neveu says it’s okay to ignore the unwritten rules of fair play to win the second half equalizer with Ghana at the Africa Cup of Nations.

Ghanaian players and staff were fine when Gabon did not return the ball to them after contacting the ball with a Black Star player on the ground in the 87th minute.

From the throw-in of Jim Alevina in Gabon, he got an equalizer to cancel and ensure Andre Ayew’s 18-minute opener. The Group B match on Friday ended 1-1.

“I think the equalizer was perfectly logical in this match and I don’t have to make a fuss,” Nebeu said after the match.

“I’m a national coach, so I have to take responsibility, but soccer is a game with rules.”

French coaches pointed out that Ghanaian players were wasting time before the incident.

“Ghanaian players are starting to slow down and their actions can be interpreted negatively, but there are referees out there to manage the game.

“Fifteen minutes ago they took the ball out of play and it took so long for the goalkeeper to resume play, so they received a yellow card.

“I’m sure you agree with me that we could all see them playing for a while.

“My player played according to the rules. It led to a goal, and I really don’t know where the problem is.”

He added that he felt that Ghana should take part in the responsibility of his player who decided to ignore fair play etiquette.

“There was a referee who applied the rules, and (Ghana) lacked fair play until he scored, and he was always interrupted,” he pointed out.

“There is a referee there to blow the whistle when it is necessary to stop play. The referee has seen the player forge it and hold me accountable for not being fair play. You can’t. It’s impossible.

“It’s too easy. Ghana has to take some responsibility.”

Various views from Ghana

Baba Rahman active in Ghana
Ghana’s Baba Rahman says he understands Gabon’s decision not to follow fair play etiquette.

Despite the angry reaction from the majority of Ghanaian players and technical staff defenders Baba Rahman, he understood the situation a bit more.

“I don’t blame them because it was close to 90 minutes. I don’t think many teams will play fair in the 90 minutes,” admitted Chelsea player in Reading.

He wasn’t very happy with the Gabon players trying to wave at the last whistle.

“Finally, some of the Gabone players tried to shake hands with our players. If you didn’t play fair during the game, why would you want to shake hands after the game?” He asked.

However, there was a different reaction to Ghana’s captain Andre Ayew, who was visibly frustrated when speaking as the Man of the Match after the match.

“We contacted it because one of our subordinates was on the floor-the football fair play rules say you return the ball to us-it’s easy,” said former Swansea Forward. Told.

“Everyone stood there and waited to see the ball returned. They didn’t return the ball and they didn’t return the ball, so they scored.

“It’s very trivial on their side and I’m disappointed with them, but some teams do.

“We will do our best to win the next match against Comoros to the end. We hope we can do enough to reach the next round.”

Ghana will face the final match against Comoros on Tuesday. Depending on the results of Morocco and Gabon, you can either runner-up in Group B or, as one of the best 3rd place, win the second round. I have placed a team.

Afcon 2021: Gabon coaches have no problem with the controversial equalizer against Ghana

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