After 47 years, the US electric company abandons a still unfinished $ 6 billion nuclear power plant

The US federal power company, the Tennessee Valley Authority, has spent billions of dollars without showing anything, reports the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

“Almost 47 years after construction began on the Bellefonte nuclear power plant in northeast Alabama, the Tennessee Valley Authority is relinquishing its license to build America’s largest unfinished nuclear power plant and abandonment of all plans to complete the dual reactor facility… ”

The abandonment of the building permit at Bellefonte marks the end of all new nuclear power plant construction at TVA with only seven of the 17 nuclear reactors that the utility had planned to build ever completed … Since the 1970s, a total of 95 Nuclear reactors proposed for construction by US utilities have been canceled due to rising construction costs, slowing demand for electricity and declining energy alternatives.

The NRC now regulates 93 remaining commercial nuclear reactors at 56 nuclear power plants, including TVA’s Sequoyah and Watts Bar nuclear power plants in eastern Tennessee and the Browns Ferry nuclear power plant in Athens, Alabama. Collectively, these nuclear power plants provide more than 40% of TVA’s electricity and more than 20% of the country’s electricity supply … more energy efficiency measures have been adopted and the price of natural gas, of solar power and additional hydroelectric generation has declined in competition with nuclear.
Thanks to the longtime Slashdot reader The real Dr John to share the story. And today the Chattanooga Times Free Press opinion editor made this suggestion:
TVA still owns the 1,600-acre site, as well as the plant that never – and probably never will – produce the first nuclear power spark. But that doesn’t mean he can’t generate power in some other way. A gas plant? Ugh. A field of wind? It seems unlikely given the calm of northern Alabama. A solar power station? It might be more of a possibility. All transmission equipment and the electrical network are ready …

To this day – having chosen, built, scrapped, rebuilt, abandoned, put up for sale, agreed to sell for pennies on the dollar and finally went to court to defend the non-sale of the Bellefonte nuclear power plant – the VAT taxpayers and taxpayers lost somewhere between $ 6 billion (according to TVA) and $ 9 billion (according to a 2018 letter from five members of Congress) … TVA spokesperson Jim Hopson said said on Wednesday that TVA would not make any immediate decision. “But we are not taking anything off the table,” he added …

Hopson said that the “strategic intent and guiding principles” of the May 2021 TVA notes that the utility has solar commitments to date of more than 2,300 megawatts of solar capacity that are expected to be commissioned by the end of 2023. Including these projects, TVA expects to add 10,000 megawatts of solar power. power by 2035 – an increase of 24 times compared to today.

These 10,000 megawatts of solar power would be equivalent to more than eight potential Bellefonte reactors.

After 47 years, the US electric company abandons a still unfinished $ 6 billion nuclear power plant

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