After Poliovirus Infection in London, UK reports an emergency

Health officials in Britain have revealed what happened nationally when they found evidence of a local poliovirus outbreak in London.

No polio cases have been reported so far, and the public risk is low. But health officials urged anyone who has not had polio vaccine, especially children, to get it immediately.

“Most people in the UK will be protected from childhood childhood immunizations, but in some countries with low immunization coverage, individuals may be at risk. life, “Dr. Vanessa Saliba, a psychiatrist in the UK said.

The polio trial in Britain was in 1984, and the country was declared free of polio in 2003. Prior to the introduction of polio vaccines, polio was common in Britain, reporting up to 8,000 cases per year.

Sanitation in the country shows that poliovirus causes poliovirus once or twice a year, but between February and May, staff detected the virus in several tests collected in London, according to Dr. Shahin Huseynov, an expert on immunizations by the World Health Organization. disease and immunization programs in Europe.

Genetic analysis shows that the samples have something in common, most likely a traveler to the country around the new year, Dr. Huseynov said. The last four samples were collected as of this early stage, probably in children not vaccinated.

“The significance of this finding is that even in developed countries, where immunization coverage is high, it is still important to ensure that all children have access to immunization coverage,” he said.

British authorities are collecting additional samples trying to identify the source of the virus. But the wastewater treatment agency that discovered the sample covers about 4 million people, almost half of the city, making it difficult to determine where it came from. .

Polio is usually spread from person to person who does not wash their hands properly and comes in contact with contaminated food or water. The virus grows in the intestine and comes out in the feces of infected people. In about 1 percent of patients, this virus can infect the spine and cause paralysis.

“Most of these diseases are asymptomatic, only about one in 500 children actually die,” Dr. David Heymann, an infectious disease specialist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine who co-sponsored the WHO polio eradication program.

In Britain, polio vaccine is used as a vaccine, which cannot be excreted in feces. But some countries around the world rely on polio vaccines that have a viable and stable type of virus. People who have been vaccinated can inject the virus into their intestines for a short time, which can spread to the feces.

That is what health professionals believe has happened in this case. The virus in the samples collected was from a type of polio vaccine used, such as Dr. According to Huseynov.

In recent months, the vaccine has only been used in Afghanistan, Pakistan and some countries in the Middle East and Africa, he said.

Wild poliovirus has been eradicated from every country in the world, except Afghanistan and Pakistan. But ongoing polio vaccinations cause little outbreaks, especially in rural areas with low immunization coverage.

“Polio is still endemic in some parts of the world. Until it is eliminated worldwide the risk of import and expansion in the UK and elsewhere will continue, ”said Nicholas Grassly, director of infectious diseases at Imperial College London .

This survey now shows community media, more so among children. Most likely it is that one antiretroviral agent has removed the virus for several months.

“The big issue here is whether it continues to be distributed in the UK or whether it is a rare one,” said Drs. Walter Orenstein, president of the Emory Vaccine Center and former director of the US Immunization Program, said.

If it was the latter, Orenstein said, “they should find the person without hindrance.”

After Poliovirus Infection in London, UK reports an emergency

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