Airstrikes in Tigray refugee camp kill two children

“Refugees are not targets and should never be targeted,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said Thursday after reports of a deadly air strike at the Maiaini refugee camp in Tigray, northern Ethiopia. ..

While the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees UNHCR, Three Eritrean refugees have died, two of whom are children and four have been injured, collecting details of yesterday’s attack and continuing to corroborate. Grundy reiterated UNHCR’s call to all parties to the conflict to “respect the rights of all civilians, including refugees.” “.

“Refugee settlements must always be protected,” he said, in line with international legal obligations that apply to all armed persons. SaidDedicates his thoughts and deep sympathy to the loved ones of those who were killed.

Fight, plunder, destroy

Meanwhile, the broader humanitarian crisis that struck Ethiopia has continued since the start of hostilities between government forces and Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters in November 2020.

Currently, about 5.2 million people are in need of assistance in the northern regions of Tigray, Amharic and Afar.

Thousands of people could be killed as more than two million people were displaced in a widespread allegation of human rights abuses.

And over the past few months, humanitarian needs have skyrocketed due to the killing, looting and destruction of health centers and agricultural infrastructure, including production-critical irrigation systems.

UN humanitarians report that the situation in the northern part of the country remains unpredictable and volatile.

“”In Tigray, humanitarian conditions continue to deteriorate and tensions are limiting the movement of humanitarian supplies. Along the only available route from Semera to Abara and Mek’ele. Since December 15, trucks carrying humanitarian supplies have been unable to enter Tigray, “said Stephen Dujaric, a UN spokesperson. Said Thursday journalist in New York.

Delivery was delayed

Since July 12, only 1,338 trucks will be in Tigray, less than 12% of the required trucks. To meet the humanitarian needs of the Tigray people, we need to accept about 100 trucks every day.

As of January 3, the UN partners distributing food in the region have only about 10,000 liters of fuel left, but at least 60,000 liters to dispatch the limited food currently available in Mek’ele. Is required.

“”If humanitarian supplies, fuel and cash are not delivered to Tigray immediately, some UN and non-governmental organizations will be forced to suspend operations.I warned Mr. Dujaric.

Who needs

Humanitarian staff at the United Nations report that people, including the western regions of Afar, Amharic and Tigray, continue to evacuate.

A UN spokesperson said, “People are returning, along with those in need of food, water, sanitation and shelter.” “Our partners will continue to work with authorities to ensure that returns are properly planned, voluntary and dignified, and that returnees receive appropriate support.”

In the meantime, despite the challenges, aid organizations continue to provide significant aid.

In Amharic, more than 33,000 people received shelter and other assistance last week. According to Dujaric, the total number of people supported will be 586,000.

However, food distribution continues throughout the north, well below the required level.

“”We urgently call on all parties to ensure undisturbed and sustainable access to the people of Tigray, Amharic and Afar.“UN officials concluded.

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Airstrikes in Tigray refugee camp kill two children

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