Alec Hog Inbox: Is it time to reintroduce national service?

If my mailbox had been physical, it would have been filled with letters in support of Michael Smyth’s idea of ​​reintroducing national service. Community member Jenny Alexander wrote:

I like the idea of ​​national service! The next step is an idea of ​​how and where to implement it. Many retirees have the ability to train or teach some of these mentioned because they were the last disciplined boys sent to national service in the 1980s. Is it possible that many people who are currently working from home and protecting their homes also have some form of opinion?

My other feeling is that prisoners (not rapists or murderers) can use it to clean the town, sort trash, repair potholes, and more. Watching TV (if that happens). However, you need the relevant staff to manage them.

Midland Manager Mindy Hunt, who approved “Your Frustration,” contributed to this:

The letter from Michael Smythe supports my long-standing idea of ​​how to perfectly advance youth issues. It’s so wise that it should be perfectly easy. Let’s start today!

How do you tell this to someone who can actually listen and practice it?

Christine Maree picked up notes from both Michael and Peter Smulik as follows:

The list of children’s growth methods proposed by Michael Smyth is fascinating. In particular, it was the “bad” old apartheid way of doing things until dear Cader Asmal closed all training colleges because they were too close to Afrikaners’ standards. do you remember?

Peter Smulik’s Cape Town Problem List … It doesn’t make much sense for the big cities in Western Cape that want to move away from South Africa and become independent. “

Tim Elliott provided this thoughtful email on another topic.

While the aftermath of looting and anarchy continues to be unraveled, there is one very important issue in the wind of turmoil. It is a SIU investigation into fraud and corruption allegedly carried out by former Health Minister Zwelli Mukize. The president himself declared that the investigation would be prioritized and the results would be shared with the country. The SIU must have completed the investigation so far, but the South Africans are once again trapped in the dark and despised. This is a sign of weak and ineffective leadership, clearly demonstrated in the handling of the turmoil of the last two weeks, and the longer the president’s silence on this important issue, the more it is shed under the carpet. Is more likely to be. The more things change, the more things stay the same!

The last word of the day wrote to Chris Hoa in Durban:

It is interesting that both Pottinger and Shapiro mention morality in their comments. I couldn’t agree anymore.

People talk about moderate middles, and certainly our hopes must be there, but I hope they / we can be called moral middles as well.

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Alec Hog Inbox: Is it time to reintroduce national service?

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