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Alexandra center closed after teacher ‘burned child’

A nursery in Alexandra Township of Gauteng was found to be operating illegally, after one of the now suspended employees was accused of deliberately burning the legs of a toddler on punitive grounds.

Alexandra Creche abuse: a boy left in agony after being scalded

A teacher in the young class is said to have become enraged when the young victim defiled himself. They then used boiling water on the child’s body to clean it, leaving the boy in crippling pain and unable to walk properly.

Gauteng Department of Social Development spokesman Feziwe Ndwayana finally broke the local government’s silence on the matter – more than two months after the case was initially reported. He spoke with Radio 702 host Bongani Bingwa on Thursday, explaining that the nursery is now closed ‘for the next five days’ as investigations continue

“A full-fledged investigation is underway and the aim is to assess whether the ECD complies with the norms and standards of the Children’s Act. The HOD is issuing a closure notice and it will be closed within the next five days.

Feziwe Ndwayana

‘Heartbreaking memories’ of similar incident in Carletonville

The case has haunting parallels to the abuse he witnessed at a Carletonville nursery a few years ago. A former nursery teacher, who was filmed assaulting young children, was sentenced to five years in prison. Nellie Senwametsi was convicted of two counts of common assault and one count of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

In disturbing video clips that went viral on social media, Senwametsi repeatedly hit a child on the head and forced him to clean up after his own vomit. Alexandra’s teacher, meanwhile, now faces ‘attempted murder’ charges – and will be subject to the full force of the law if found guilty.

Alexandra center closed after teacher ‘burned child’

SourceAlexandra center closed after teacher ‘burned child’

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