Ambushes kill 11 dead in Burkina Faso: army

Burkina Faso soldiers patrol a camp.


  • Two ambushes in northern Burkina Faso killed seven soldiers and four auxiliary troops on Thursday.
  • According to the military, ambushes were carried out by “terrorists who added that the bodies of about 20 assailants were found during clean-up operations.
  • Nine people were injured and while weapons, ammunition, transport and communication equipment were also seized or destroyed.

Seven soldiers and four reserve troops have been killed in two ambushes in northern Burkina Faso, the army said.

The first attack near the town of Solle on Thursday led to the deaths of two soldiers and four civilian volunteers helping the army, while five paramilitary troops were killed in another raid the same day near Ouanobe, the army said in a statement received on Friday. .

The ambush was carried out by “terrorists”, according to the military, with a term to denote jihadist groups active in northern Burkina Faso.

Nine people were injured, it said, adding that the bodies of about 20 attackers were found during clean-up operations.

Weapons, ammunition, transport and communication equipment were also seized or destroyed.

Jihadist groups linked to al-Qaida and the Islamic State group have been carrying out regular attacks in northern and eastern Burkina Faso since 2015, killing more than 2,000 people and displacing nearly two million.

Unrest linked to jihadist groups is also plaguing Burkina Faso’s West African neighbors Mali and Niger.

The three landlocked countries rank among the poorest in the world and their armed forces are ill-equipped against an enemy skilled in hit-and-run raids, ambushes and planting mountain bombs.

In December 2019, Burkina Launched an Aid Force called the Homeland Security Volunteers (VDP), which is among the units that have suffered the most losses.

Recruits receive two weeks of military training and then work alongside the army, typically performing surveillance, gathering information or escorting tasks.

On January 24, outrage angered the security forces and led to a mutiny in the army, leading to the overthrow of President-elect Roch Marc Christian Kabore.

The new strongman, Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba, has declared security as a priority.

But bloody attacks continue, despite the establishment of “dialogue commissions” – a bridge-building experiment in which community leaders talk to local jihadists to try to end the violence.

On April 8, 12 soldiers and four VDP members were killed in an attack in northern Burkina Faso.

On April 24, 15 people were killed, including nine soldiers, in a coordinated attack on two units, also in the north, according to army figures.

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Ambushes kill 11 dead in Burkina Faso: army

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