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As the long-awaited African National Congress (ANC) conference in the North West approaches, political analysts and observers believe the conference will burn.

Five candidates have declared their intention to run for the presidency. They are the first president, Supra Mahumapelo, the current president, Bushy Maape, the former MP Nono Maloi, and the MEC of finance, Motlalepule Rosho, and economic development, Keneetswe Mosenogi.

Both Rosho and Mosenogi, who believe they are equal to the project, have acknowledged that many branches have appointed them and accepted them.

“The departments that nominate me, I accept the nomination and have branches that call me saying that we see this among you have rejected our request that we want you to be the next president of the area. I am humbled. ”

“I have the opportunity for any level the ANC branch wants me to continue to serve in the area, and I am ready to continue serving.”

Tournament for ANC North West presidency:

Meanwhile, political analyst Professor Andre Duvenhage believes that two competing women face off against each other.

“Personally, I do not think both of them, women have a strong chance of competing and winning these elections. What I believe are major challenges in the region right now is that we need a strong leader.”

Maloi, Maape, and Mahumapelo who are believed to be competitors have shown that they can lead the party. The regional conference is scheduled for the 23rd to 25th of this month in Rustenburg.

‘Conflict Resolved’

Some ANC members were outraged and the region claims that the hotly contested party convention will not continue unless all branch disputes are resolved.

They also challenged the legitimacy of the dispute resolution committee’s claim that it was up to the conveners to amend the process for their own benefit. Lopang Rothman is one of the angry ANC members in the region.

“For example in Dr Kenneth Kaunda, we know of almost 20 branches being rotated, and what we do know is that right now, there is a process of conflict. The sad thing is that the same people are sitting Now you can not expect the right game, the right order and the right thing to do. We will not show you what to do next. keep going until all the issues we have raised will continue. “

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPC) has denied the allegations. IPC spokesperson Kenny Morolong explained:

“The dispute will be settled from June 4 to June 12. We reiterate our call for peace, and we call on our communities to allow these processes to emerge without hindrance. This ongoing call to melt IPC is useless. The allegations against IPC members involved in changing the electoral process can only be resolved through a logical process of dispute resolution. “

ANC conference awaits long-term fire: Analysts – SABC News

Source link ANC conference awaits long-term fire: Analysts – SABC News

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