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In this candid critique of the media ‘thought leaders’ and an essay on justice where the ANC is today, IRR analyst Gabriel Crouse has very sexy, meaningful definitions. Try this for size; Ramaphoriacs “(those who saw the incumbent president and the ANC as one unit but have now turned to him),” Ramaforsakers “(who are already talking about millions, and then all about” Ramastoppers “, who he considers himself Referring to age-old political tactics in South Africa, he asks how one reunites the ANC and frees a competitive alliance. Easy: glue everything back together after a competition. As giant flagpoles signaled the ANC’s confusion on party with national pride, so the public rejection showed that there is nothing to rejoice about running out of electricity, money, ideas and credible leaders. It’s time for South Africans to stick together because of common sense, not “color code” nonsense, says Crouse. Personally, I’m sick and happy to hear “racists” slamming anyone who criticizes inaction or group distribution – or by the police chief screamingng has a critic for “Shut up,” without participating in what he is saying. – Chris Bateman

Power failure

by Gabriel Crouse *

Gabriel Crouse

Almost a month ago John Endres, CEO of IRR asked, “do you notice a change in power?” It was a funny way to ask serious questions about South Africa’s political career and the answer is yes, something is tearing, something else is getting stuck, accelerando.

Jacob Zuma once said that the ANC would control “until Jesus comes“And the line has always been funny but the joke changed. Í 2008 the funny thing (though not directly “funny-haha”) was that he could have a purpose, by 2014 he had a point that screwed deeper 2016. In real terms, the economy has since contracted World Cup 2010 in football, while unemployment rose, but voters blatantly put the corrupt ANC back in government again and again. Like Zuma’s laughter, it was all funny in a malicious way.

After the ANC fell below 50% in the 2021 election The Citizen’s headline was “Does this mean that Jesus is back?“It was funny in another, wonderful way, as well as the disrespectful image of a stylized Jesus stepping out of a minibus in the link above.

In 2021, the ANC fell sharply from 2019, the DA rose slightly, EFF was flat, IFP up and the newcomer ASA gained an interesting taste. However, people like Rebecca Davis gave lectures and claimed that “all respected experts” refuse to compare municipal elections with national ones in search of development. “That’s why,” Davis continued, “the IEC website does not even allow one to compare 2021 results with 2019 results: to do so is almost meaningless. ”

Can you think of anyone today who still thinks the 2021 election has a meaningless connection to the nation The outlook for the ANC in 2024?

End of Ramaphoria

Now things are different. It’s not just that Ramaphoria is over – which became a joke before the pandemic – rather that the points between disappointment with “Saint Cyril“, As Tom Eaton created it in 2018, and the political consequences of a possible new coalition government in 2024 are finally being linked.

That’s weird. People – especially the media – have gone berserk with Cyril Ramaphosa, as if he were some kind of savior. More magic available on

It’s really worth thinking back to see how far things have come. Not long ago, the winning idea was that a vote for a “good ANC” would be a vote against a “bad ANC”. Somehow the same point was disconnected from itself (thanks to Peter Bruce), but this absurdity is finally foreseen for how cool and furious he is. The emperor’s historical attire does not exist, has never existed, but now the thrones admit it.

For example, Adriaan Basson, editor-in-chief of the country’s largest newspaper, News24, used to say the sweetest thing about Ramaphosa. Now he even believes that Ramaphosa will “survive, but the ANC will not“Because in last year’s local elections the ANC only managed to draw 46% of the national vote” and due to material mistakes and “Ramaphosa’s own honesty scandal” things could get so bad that a new coalition will replace the ANC in 2024.

Barney Mthombothi, the main columnist for the Sunday Times, who has always had more thoughtful analytical skills than Basson, has become even more critical of the ANC as a whole. “Stop behaving like a victim, Mr. PresidentIs the headline of one of his recent works. Mthombothi recalls how happy he was when Ramaphosa won in 2017 (like me), but now “I wish you had lost at Nasrec”, because it would have hastened the death of the ANC and this “country has a better chance of survival with the ANC either dead or out of power “.

Here’s another magician, this time from the ANC biter. “I am 86 years old. It is possible that I am the only one alive who addressed the People’s Assembly on June 26, 1955 …[Now] I will not renew my membership in the ANC. “The ANC is no longer qualified to govern.”

I laughed when I first read those words by Mervyn Bennun, not what can be called too sensible thinking. But there it is, the ear has finally dropped and there is something funny about the fact that no one is too old to part with the ANC. It’s a tragicomedy.

Criticism of the ANC

Peter Bruce was “I will vote for the ANC nationally … and regionally“In 2019. This winter it was”[t]he country needs ANC below 50%. Its government is rotten beyond redemption … “Even more interestingly, Bruce turned to criticizing the ANC’s racism. The headline response to the President’s new BEE Advertising Council was “Why Ramaphosa is Deceived by “Black Capitalism”“. The final line was “It just makes you cry. The insanity, the repetition, the uselessness, of all this … I do not enjoy preparing a government that can not think “.

The list of former “Ramaphoriacs” who have turned against him and the ANC as a unit goes on and on. I have not seen opinion polls, but I would bet the Ramaforsaker team is already making millions. Ramastop.

In the broadcast I direct with Nicholas Lorimer, Two Crickets in a Thorn Tree, he and I discussed this. “power failure“And had the idea that the ANC’s biggest election option to date was in fact its confusion with South Africa itself. Somehow so many people seemed to vote against the ANC as voting against their own country, as voting against themselves. “I would rather just not vote than vote against the ANC” is the line I have heard over and over again.

Only one in four adult citizens voted for the ANC in 2019, but two out of four did not vote at all. That’s the silent majority. It is the one who needs to participate. Participation is necessary to change.

Change the election

If I were an ANC campaigner, I would be terrified that people would start thinking of 2024 as a change election that will eventually separate the ANC brand from the nation’s brand. When giant SA flagpole suffered a marvelous “erectile dysfunction“It was more than just a shame for the ANC. It was a sign that the public could no longer tolerate the party’s attempts to wrap itself in the flag after running out of electricity, money, ideas and credible leaders.

It is amazing that the same people who thought that the ANC was two points also thought that the ANC and SA were one point. But party and state are tearing apart when both rise down.

Gathering is the idea of ​​a new alliance capable of advancing itself to better govern this republic. Metros under new conglomerates could encourage abandoned people to seek land equivalent. But the city unions need to be significantly better governed by 2024 in order to see a difference in the ballot box.

Beware of Race Glue

How to bring the ANC back to power and get rid of a coalition? Glue it all back together after the competition.

Stage 6 winter has barely begun and it is already time for more backward opportunities. The Minister of Labor, Thulas Nxesi, has in fact encouraged Ramaphosa to sign the agreement Amendment bill on equality issues (EEB) to the law in September. This law will break racial quotas in the public sector over 85% of the private sector, directly and indirectly preventing the rest. Under the EEB is “Barnard principle“Can be applied to almost any job, which means that the state can say that it is better to leave the situation empty than to hire someone from the” wrong “race. We continue to oppose this, we have collected about 25,000 signatures to stop new citations in national competition, see more here. The new competition quotas are, along with expropriation without compensation, a recipe for success.

Without much stronger resistance, the EEB will rule until 2024 and destroy the rule of law, positive racism and the prospects of the unemployed.

The ANC’s last trick is probably a desperate grip on what Minister Nxesi called a “more aggressive” racism. The best hope for working in 2024 is probably with an alliance with the EFF, after adding fire to the policies that the ANC and the EFF already agree on. It starts with a paranoid recording of “white monopoly“As the number one enemy and ends up with possible electoral fraud. The cost of freedom is always vigilance, but there are certain times when this is more urgent than at others. We start at a time like this and to stand together after races will not help anyone properly. South Africans need to stick together with common sense, not color-coded nonsense.

  • Gabriel Crouse is a writer and specialist at the Institute of Race Relations (IRR). His journalism is based on fieldwork and quantitative analysis, with an emphasis on land reclamation. Gabriel holds a degree in philosophy from Princeton University.
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ANC disappointment now everywhere – Crouse on Rama-what-what

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