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‘ANC faces existential crisis’: Worried Mashatile warns of possible overthrow of 2024 elections

Paul Mashatile. Photo: Attached

  • ANC treasurer Paul Mashatile urgently needs to implement the partyrenewal processes if it is to perform well in the 2024 national elections.
  • According to Mashatile, the ANC can only maintain its leading role in society if party members put aside selfish desires and focus on the needs of communities.
  • He said this in his opening speech at the ANC Mpumalanga conference at Witbank Dam in Emalahlen.

Paul Mashatile, the chief treasurer of the ANC, has warned that the ANC is facing an existential crisis and is also risking losing the 2024 national elections if it continues on the path to disintegration.

Mashatile said this in his opening speech at the beginning of the ANC Mpumalanga conference at the Witbank Dam in Emalahlen on Friday.

The start of the conference was disrupted by a court battle that tried to stop the proceedings.

Although the request for an urgent ban was later rejected, Mashatile warned members of the warring Mpumalanga party, saying internal functions would jeopardize the ANC’s role as a social leader.

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“It is no exaggeration to say that our movement is facing an existential crisis. We must act now to halt this decline. So renewal cannot be postponed. Part of what needs to be done is to restore the plight of many. Our branches and structures.

“This is especially important in the run-up to the 2024 elections. We need to stop focusing on ourselves and more on the needs of the people as a whole.”

He encouraged members of the Mpumalanga party to maintain their “traditional support base” through ongoing contact with them, and called on ANC branches to “maintain regular and dynamic contact with communities at all times” and not just involve them during elections.

“Our industries need to be rooted in communities. They need to lead the communities’ daily struggles and give them direction. They need to respond to the problems of the communities,” Mashatile said.

He added that the ANC must use its words and deeds to seek to regain the trust and respect of South Africans so that they can continue to trust us with their hopes and aspirations.

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“Indeed, our leadership position in society is not self-evident. We deserve it. Whenever we make mistakes, we have to humble ourselves and acknowledge them.”

Mpumalanga is the ANC’s second largest constituency after KwaZulu-Natal and is considered a citadel; however, the party suffered huge blows in two Mpumalanga municipalities – Lekwa and Steve Tshwete – in last year’s municipal elections.

Accordingly, the national leadership believes that if the prevailing debates continue, the party could further reduce voter support in the 2024 elections.

Mashatile therefore said, “this is a strong and unified ANC that can strengthen social cohesion, nation-building, reconciliation and national recovery.”

“We need tried and tested cadres whose only motivation is sincere love for their homeland and people and their movement. In other words, we need real revolutionaries who are organized under the banner of a strong and united ANC to succeed in our quest for radical change.”

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‘ANC faces existential crisis’: Worried Mashatile warns of possible overthrow of 2024 elections

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