ANC Policy Conference delegates call for declaring youth unemployment a national crisis – SABC News

Members of the African National Congress (ANC) and delegates to the ANC’s Sixth National Policy Conference discussed issues related to the country’s transition from coal to clean energy sources and made recommendations; the future of state enterprises, Unemployment, and Eskom.

Delegates from the Commission on Economic Transformation held a media briefing on the sidelines of the national conference, taking place in Nasrec, south of Johannesburg, to provide feedback on the Commission’s engagements.

You have called for youth unemployment to be declared a national crisis. This is because unemployment among young people is over 60%.

chairman the Economic Transformation Commission, Mmamoloko Kubayi says progress reports on 2017 resolutions have been submitted. However, she says delegates have expressed dissatisfaction with the failure to adopt resolutions.

“There was a common theme around concerns from Unemployment, especially youth unemployment, and mainly even some calls for it to be declared a national Crisis. But we can’t go on like this. We need to be able to put mechanisms in place to respond to youth unemployment,” says Kubai.

Kubayi says delegates have suggested that the just transition away from coal should happen at the pace and scale that the country can afford.

“We affirm the work that’s been done by the climate commission, where they’ve released a just transition framework, because if you look at that it it talks about inclusivity in the just transition. So, in the pace, that we don’t have mass job losses, we don’t have an economic shutdown, we don’t have unreliable energy supplies,” says Kubayi.

Terence Creamer of the ANC’s Economic Transformation Commission says there has been broad support for President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent interventions to seek alternative sources of electricity and support Eskom’s maintenance program.

He says the cut in bureaucracy will allow for greater investment in power capacity.

“Eskom will be committed to burning less diesel over time. We use many liters of diesel, which places a financial burden on Eskom. So those would be two particular ways the plan would state that we’re going to strengthen Eskom in the longer term. Eskom will be a public body. In particular, the grid company will play a strategic role, and on the generation side, a mix of public and private feed-ins will be massively converted,” says Creamer.

The ANC Economic Transformation Commission has also suggested that state-owned companies that do not play a strategic role should contribute to the development mandate.

Kubayi says suggestions have been made to synchronize some SOEs that are considered duplicates.

ANC briefs media on 6th National Policy Conference | July 30, 2022

ANC Policy Conference delegates call for declaring youth unemployment a national crisis – SABC News

Source link ANC Policy Conference delegates call for declaring youth unemployment a national crisis – SABC News

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