ANC will seek practical solutions to Eskom debt crisis: Ramaphosa – SABC News

African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa says the ruling party will spend a lot of time finding practical solutions to Eskom’s debt crisis.

The government has included the private sector in a contingency plan to deal with the worst-ever power outages in Africa’s most industrialized economy.

Ramaphosa has announced the removal of controls on companies that generate their own electricity, as well as plans to allow households to generate solar power and sell it back to the grid.

He said Monday that a wave of new private generations would be needed to save the country’s power grid. Ramaphosa acknowledged that the rolling blackouts have done immense damage to the economy.

He says reviving renewable energy and removing the permit threshold will increase electricity supply.

“Earlier this week the Government announced additional measures to deal with the electricity crisis that we were facing and which (Solly) Mamaile was also talking about. The announced measures will help repair Eskom and improve the availability of existing supply, accelerate investment and maintenance at Eskom, and also accelerate investments from other operators to ensure that power generation capacity is increased. It will also accelerate procurement of new renewable capacity from gas and storage, and allow businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar.”


The ANC president says the ruling party still has work to do to eradicate poverty, inequality and underdevelopment.

South Africa is grappling with rising inflation, sluggish economic growth and falling business and consumer confidence attributed to the fallout from the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Speaking to ANC delegates at the Nasrec Expo Center south of Johannesburg on Friday, Ramaphosa said discussions at the ANC policy conference must send a clear and positive message about the plight of South Africans and insist that the provision of services, COVID -19 and state capture have contributed to the major challenges facing the country.

“These discussions must also be underpinned by finding solutions to the challenges facing our country and our people. I want our approach to go beyond bemoaning the challenges our employees face and find solutions. In keeping with ANC traditions where we have different views and approaches to different views, we are always able to come out with a policy coherently, so we promise to come out of here with clear guidelines. Here at this conference we will reflect on the state of unemployment in our country. We will consider the state of our economy, but more importantly, we should then consider what to do.”

Newly elected SACP secretary-general Solly Mapaila says the ANC policy conference has the mammoth task of rescuing the ruling party from the crisis of public confidence it is facing.

ANC will seek practical solutions to Eskom debt crisis: Ramaphosa – SABC News

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