ANC works to suspend accused officials

South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has begun a process of suspending officials who ignored the instructions to resign in the face of criminal accusations, ruling party officials said.

Jessie Duarte, Deputy Secretary-General of the African National Congress, is the party’s election chief and decides that membership has been revoked and is drafting a letter to those who may be offered on Tuesday and Wednesday. Fikire Mubarla, a member of the National Executive Committee of the United States, said.


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Here’s what’s on the firing line: Ace Magashule, Secretary-General of ANC, And former National Security Minister Bongani Bongo, both charged with grafts, have denied cheating.

Magashur has repeatedly challenged President Cyril Ramaphosa’s authority and has been linked to the ANC faction of former President Jacob Zuma, whose party was forced to resign in 2018 after being involved in a series of scandals. Magashur’s retirement could boost Ramaphosa’s efforts to tackle endemic corruption during Zuma’s reign and increase his chances of securing his second term as an ANC leader next year.

In an interview on Tuesday, South Africa’s Transport Minister Mubarla decided that ANC would prove to its members and voters that it was serious about cleaning up its image by dealing with those accused of transplantation. doing.

“ANC’s indecision in the fight against corruption has perceptually put ANC in a very unstable and defensive mode,” he said. “And you need to not only protect yourself with rhetoric, but also protect yourself with action.”

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ANC works to suspend accused officials

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