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ANC Youth League ‘no better under Malema’ – league convenor puts hand up in leadership race

ANCYL’s newly appointed executive president, Nonceba Mhlauli

  • Nonceba Mhlauli is interested in leading the ANC Youth League.
  • The ANC Youth League convener says he has what it takes to bring the organization back from its ashes.
  • According to Mhlauli, the perception that the ANCYL is better under its previous leaders is not true.

Nonceba Mhlauli, aspiring to lead the ANC Youth League, wants to dispel any notion that the league was better run under its former leader, Julius Malema.

Mhlauli believes that no organization collapses after the departure of a leader if it has ever been stable.

Malema and a group of then ANC Youth League members were expelled from the party in 2012.

The perception was that the demise of the ANC Youth League was due to Malema’s departure.

Those who followed him at the top of the league, such as Collen Maine, were unable to revive the organization.

Mhlauli says it is important to dispel the narrative of a better ANC Youth League in a given period. He believes that the organization has made mistakes before.

Mhlauli said:

Even in the time of Julius, there was a lot of talk, but no organization. This is why when leadership leaves, an organization collapses. A living organism must live whether the leader is there or not. In the ANC, you could recall a president and the organization would continue to function.

Mhlauli, 33, is interested in leading the ANC Youth League if the league can hold a conference.

He strongly believes that he can revive it from its former ashes and shadows.

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If it happens, the ANC Youth League conference is expected to take place in August as the league’s regions elect regional leaders.

The Northern Cape, the only province where the league could hold a provincial conference, backed Mhlauli to run.

Other regions also showed interest in his leadership. He chaired the ANC Youth League task force that was appointed in 2021.

Lack of funding and proper organization stifled the league’s chances of holding a national conference.

The structure will cost more than R20 million to complete, with the money to be financed by an already financially strapped ANC.

An attempt to hold a provincial conference in Limpopo failed due to political reasons. But Mhlauli said he remains optimistic about the league’s future.

In outlining his vision for the future, he said the ANC Youth League must take youth issues very seriously.

It is a reminder of how young people have disengaged from the league due to various factors, including the perception that the structure was inward-looking and not invested in youth issues.

“Plan the interests of the youth and mobilize them behind the ANC. If we do this, we will succeed in transforming the organization. You cannot win over the youth if you do not represent their interests.

“Part of what makes the ANC unattractive to young people is that they don’t see themselves leading the ANC. Young people don’t see themselves,” he told News24.

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Analyzing the current situation of the ANC, Mhlauli believes that the party should take a stronger stance against those members who have brought the party into disrepute.

Another concern of the ANC Youth League convener was whether the ANC was serious about its renewal agenda.

He said one of the issues proposed by his constituency in the Western Cape was for party members to elect leaders and not leave the decision to the mandate of the branch office.

Other ANC members suggested this, along with the idea of ​​having members re-apply for membership to “cleanse” the base. Former ANC leader Thabo Mbeki was the party’s greatest champion, cleansing its membership.

According to Mhlauli, in these honest proposals and discussions, the party is seriously embarking on the path of renewal.

ANC Youth League ‘no better under Malema’ – league convenor puts hand up in leadership race

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