Andile Mpisane noticed Thobeka Majozi – watch

Casper’s little mother, Tobeka Majoz Has been in Cape Town for a few days and has probably met Andile Mfisane.

Months ago, rumors circulated that Khozzo Casper was not the son of Andiles.

However, this story was silenced because the people involved in the saga were silent.

Rumors circulated when Podcast and Chill with Mac G talked about an alleged love triangle.

Tobeka Majoz Is in Cape Town with a son who is likely the son of Casper Newest, but is also likely to be one of them. Andile MfisaneThere are many children. Tobeka Majoz And Andile Mfisane “They were spotted together in Cape Town last night,” Musa wrote.

Going into the comments section, the twins began trolling Casper Newest and mocking his son’s paternity.

Well, none of them came out to understand what is between them, but their fans are patiently waiting to hear from them.

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Andile Mpisane noticed Thobeka Majozi – watch

Source link Andile Mpisane noticed Thobeka Majozi – watch

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