Andile Ncube Details How He Scouted Bonang To Co-Host ‘Live’ With Him

Andile Ncube Explains How He Scouts Bonang To Co – Live With. Over the years, we have seen the close and respectful relationship shared by media personalities Andile Ncube and Bonang Matheba and while most know we know remember them as a duo on SABC1. ALIVEnever revealed how they met and they were one of the most seasoned TV host duo of our generation.

In a recent interview with DJs Spectacular and Naves, Andile Ncube detailed how Bonang became a presenter on BEO, a show that made her a household name and won her heart across the country. Andile shared how big he was already as the host of the show and had to bring a new person under his wing who would be the next big thing.

“She was walking out of Urban Brew and we were shooting. I was walking in from my office going to the studio and I saw her. The image of her looking up and smiling and waving ‘Hi’ and walking out I never left. Two days later I started asking everyone in that company, ‘who is that girl?’… ‘Someone said,’no, she was that girl coming to audition for the Lotto (show) ‘. I went to the man who was producing Lotto and he said, ‘she’s too young, she’s 19, we she can’t have it ‘. And I said if I can satisfy her details, to cut a long story short, that’s how Bonang did, ”Andile explained.

Andile said how proud he always feels to see Bonang doing well and being on top. “It simply came to our notice then. People are always like ah but you know…. I do not need credit for doing my job. My job was to find the best thing I could find to cook this show with me and I did it myself. The prestige lies in what she is doing. That’s my reward for him, so she has to do my best to feel even better, ”Andile told him.

Andile added how Bonang is the best of his generation. “I think Bonang and Pabi Moloi are the best I’ve ever seen,” he said. He also suggested writing a book tweeting, “I love to talk about it, if I ever write a book @Bonang it will be a satisfying chapter. “

Andile Ncube Details How He Scouted Bonang To Co-Host ‘Live’ With Him Source link Andile Ncube Details How He Scouted Bonang To Co-Host ‘Live’ With Him

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