Anele Mdoda Not Impressed By The Wife’s ‘Naledi’ Casting

Anele Mdoda Wife ‘Naledi’ Solutions Not Influenced. Showmax ‘s hit show,’ The Wife ‘seems to be making more headlines about its cast member casts than recent stories and some of our local gentlemen who are fans of the show are playing with their ideas without sharing filtering.

Khanyi Mbau’s casting was originally dominated by the second season of the show. While fans of the show were not impressed, Khanyi’s acting skills won them over again and she finished the season as a favorite and made trend lists on social media every week thanks to those steamy scenes. Now it’s the solution Naledi a set of characters to be portrayed by the actor Gaisang K Noge. However, it’s not a question of whether or not Gaisang can carry the character, but what fans, especially those who have read the book, believe Naledi looks like.

Most fans of the show were expecting a darker actor. One of those fans who expressed her disappointment on twitter when the news broke was the media personality, Anele Mdoda who explained how the show missed an opportunity to show representation on screen. “Jokes aside. It would be nice to wear a dark size 42 actress for the role of Naledi in THE WIFE. I will not go into a dissertation but when we talk about the success of THE WIFE, we attribute it to representation and authenticity and this was a good time to lead it, ”Anele tweeted.

When a tweep d’Anele responded asking how sex scenes with a plus size actress would look like, Anele responded by saying, “Just. You’ve been made to think that on-screen romantic relationships are only for narrow-minded people. Big people for lack of words don’t deserve better affection. This is precisely why the author made Naledi a more woman. Do you know that big people have sex in real life? “

Anele Mdoda Not Impressed By The Wife’s ‘Naledi’ Casting Source link Anele Mdoda Not Impressed By The Wife’s ‘Naledi’ Casting

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