Anelle Moda is looking for an answer to a Bolt driver who allegedly raped a client

Anelle Moda has charged El-Healing giant Bolt after a driver raped a client last week.

The radio and TV presenter persisted in the matter for a week after it was revealed in a human Twitter post that a Bolt driver allegedly raped their friend.

Twitter user @Luluthebearr wrote: “The driver of Bolt raped my friend last night, strangled half of her and took away her virginity. Bolt does not care about our safety, their Instagram page is full of people complaining of being attacked and they have done nothing. Luluma then shared a picture of the Bolt driver in his post.

The tweet went viral and many people shared their horror stories using the e-hailing app and urged people to uninstall it. Anelle shared numerous reports of alleged sexual assault, kidnapping and car accident from Bolt drivers on her Twitter page.

He asked several questions, for example, who owned Bolt, formerly known as Taxify, as he sought responsibility for the alleged rape.

Bolt, who knew of comments and messages from concerned users, responded on Twitter, saying the incident was under investigation and that they were assisting police in providing information.

The driver was stopped on the platform.

Due to the large volume of questions and complaints Anelle received when asked about Bolt, including why they rarely answer interested users, she decided to air the issue.

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Anelle asked if she could talk to the Bolt CEO about the various issues brought to her. Bolt apparently agreed, though Bolt Africa spokesman Ntabsing Mokoena, public relations manager, sent a reply to Annele, who read it on a morning radio show. Anelle and the ClubOn Tuesday.

The station posted a video Instagram. Annele was clearly upset and said that Bolt drivers’ incidents happen every week on social media platforms and nothing is done.

Mokoena said in a statement: “Bolt is really concerned about many of the issues that have occurred and we are not thrilled that people perceive that our services are designed to violate their sense of security or the freedom of movement enshrined in our constitution. I’m a black woman in South Africa and I know what physical or verbal abuse means…

“We want to reiterate that security on our platform and that Bolt condemns any violence, intimidation or extortion against passengers,” Mokoena concluded.

Annelie and her co-host Frank Du Tut were not thrilled with the announcement and said the company did not take responsibility for what happened to their customers.

Frankie said their investigation into Bolt also led them to allegations of Bolt drivers renting other people’s profiles to use the app. Anelle added that the stories are “shocking”, involving men escorting women to airports and intimate clients.

“Bolt, you should do better,” Annele concluded.

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Anelle Moda is looking for an answer to a Bolt driver who allegedly raped a client

Source link Anelle Moda is looking for an answer to a Bolt driver who allegedly raped a client

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