Anonymous Epik Web Hosting Hacks

ArchieBunker writes: Members of the hacktivist collective Anonymous claim to have hacked web recording company Epik, allegedly stealing “a decade of data,” including tons of information about its customers and their domains. Epik is controversial, being known to host a variety of right-wing clients, including those that old web hosting providers, like GoDaddy, have abandoned for a variety of reasons. Its users included conservative social media networks Speak and Gab, as well as conspiracy theories-laden YouTube fan site Bitchute and President Trump’s former fan site The Donald. The company recently hosted – the website designed to help people report Texas residents for having an abortion – but then forcibly removed the tip collection platform after determining that it had violates Epik’s terms by collecting third-party information in a non-consensual manner.

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Anonymous Epik Web Hosting Hacks

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