Apple’s new MacBook Pro models pack a punch

Apple took the the most aggressive step yet to remove Intel chips from its computers, heralding more powerful in-house Mac processors as well as an end-to-end redesign of the MacBook Pro.

The company showcased the chips at an event on Monday called “Unleashed” which also included its latest audio products. The new components, called the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, are 70% faster than their M1 predecessors, the company said.

With the new processors and devices, Apple is squarely targeting the high-end chips Intel has provided for the MacBook Pro and other high-end Macs for about 15 years. Last year, Apple started migrating its low-end Macs to its own M1 Apple Silicon chip. The new chips, however, are a bolder move, aimed at far outperforming Intel’s top-performing products.

The chips have a total of 10 processor cores – the components that handle the processing – compared to eight in the M1 chip. The 10 cores are divided into eight high performance cores and two cores for tasks that require less power. This compares to four high performance cores and four low performance cores in the M1.

Apple is also increasing the graphics performance of the M1 Pro and M1 Max, which have 16 and 32 graphics cores respectively. That’s up from the seven or eight-core options offered with the Mac M1s.

Graphics performance is up to four times faster than on the previous M1 chip, Apple said. The M1 Pro supports 32GB of memory, while the M1 Max has up to 64GB of memory. This is against 8 GB or 16 GB offered with the M1. – (c) 2021 Bloomberg LP

Apple’s new MacBook Pro models pack a punch

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