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Approval of the framework for sectoral emissions targets

The Cabinet approved the framework of sectoral emissions targets (SET).

In a post-cabinet press conference on Thursday, Presidential Minister Mondli Gungubele said this was in line with South Africa’s implementation of the Paris Agreement.

The agreement was signed by the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2015.

The minister said the framework would guide the responsible ministry’s approach in coordinating the process of allocating and implementing SETs with sister ministries.

“The planning instruments of the national departments or Policies and Measures (PAM) aim to mitigate the emissions of the sector in accordance with the sectoral emissions objective.

“Sectoral PAMs are essential for the implementation of sector emissions targets. They will be defined and assigned as soon as the climate change bill becomes law, ”he said.

These, he said, would be determined for three rolling five-year periods and reviewed every five years.

Carbon budgets at company level

At the same meeting, the Cabinet also approved the approach of the carbon budget allocation methodology at the company level for the implementation.

A mandatory carbon budget system targeting high-emitting companies would be put in place in 2023, said the minister.

He said the system of carbon budgets would force high-emitting companies to adopt assigned amounts of greenhouse gas emissions as commitment allocations over five years.

The carbon budget allocation methodology defines the scope of the mandatory carbon budget implementation and details the operational frameworks to be used to calculate and allocate carbon budgets at the company level for the mandatory first phase and beyond. –

Approval of the framework for sectoral emissions targets

SourceApproval of the framework for sectoral emissions targets

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