Are R3 million strikers approaching Take Point?

According to Kaizer Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt, Lazarous Kambole could quickly become clubless if his body shape doesn’t improve.

Cambore joined Kaiser Chiefs in 2019 with expectations from Zesco United, but attackers are struggling to find a foothold in Naturena, wasting valuable foreign spots. So clubs don’t allow this for a long time.

Cambore scored only once in Kaiser Chiefs’ 28 appearances, but failed to register any assists, and Gavin Hunt risked attackers to raise the game or face boots at Amakhosi. I urged you to attack.

Cambore still has a year left on the contract, but to release it, take simple lessons from Zimbabwe’s Edmo Achillan Badale, Uganda’s Godfrey Warsimbi, Ghana’s James Scotty, Namibia’s Virgil Vries and more. You need to receive it. After a slumping performance, the international spot is up.

Hunt issues Kaiser Chiefs ultimatum to Cambore

“For Lazaro, you have to do better for me. Kaiser Chiefs head coach Gavin Hunt talked about Cambore.

“I wanted to start him, but I think he’s with two guys [Leonardo Castro and Samir Nurkovic] – They worked well together and played a lot together last year. So, in that position, we know we’re obviously short, but even without the ball, he has to work harder and do a little more.

“Sometimes you come from different countries with different spirits and he has to work harder here. I like him, he’s okay, but Kaiser Chiefs aliens I need a little more from him as a player. I always emphasize it. “

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Is 3 million rants wasted?

Kaiser Chiefs reportedly secured Lazaros Cambore’s service at Zesco United in 2019 at record rates.Zambian attackers joined Amakoshi 3 million rants With a 3-year contract.

Was it a waste of money from Amakoshi, or do you still believe that Cambore can shine in Naturena? Please let us know in the comments section below.

Are R3 million strikers approaching Take Point?

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