Artists call on Macufe organizers to first look at local actors – SABC News

Artists in Free state have appealed to organizers to provide local artists with an opportunity for the African Cultural Mangaung Cultural (Macufe) program.

This year’s Macufe’s return has given hope to the arts and culture industry. Free State President Sisi Ntombela announced during his state speech that a cultural event will be held this year.

Following the outbreak of COVID-19 in SA, the program was canceled in 2020.

From the beautiful streets to the beautifully crafted and colorful paintings, the soundtrack and the soundtrack appealing to the players, the Free State capital of Bloemfontein is often celebrated during the festival Macufe.

For more than a week, it has become the city’s favorite place. Like many programs, it was canceled in 2020 due to COVID-19.

This year it is back and forth that many artists, business and enthusiasts could not wait to get the opportunity.

Below are some impressions from festival goers.

“Personally I think a lot of people from Bloemfontein themselves would benefit from working wisely. They would benefit from earning money and things like that. I think it will bring back. a lot of opportunities and COVID has ruined a lot of it. “

“I’m happy for him. I’m so happy. I can’t wait for Macufe to return to Bloemfontein.”

“I’m happy because I will be able to go to the party with my friends.”

“I feel good but this question is about the game we usually have on the last day of Macufe.”

“People often ask when Macufe, we want the vibe. We just want to profit.”

For the past two years, the entertainment industry has been knocking on doors. In Free State, the season saw artists sitting and protesting and shouting for help.

However, Macufe has also been damaged by non-payment or delays for local artists. Many cross the threshold to be successful.

Artists in Mangaung have this.

“You know the artist who didn’t work for COVID but now because of the return of Macufe, Free State will do wonders. I know a lot of actors, directors and people producers, they’ll get some jobs, it’s very important. “

“We expect any of their festivities to start from home first and benefit the artists in the Free State. We are happy but we do not know what kind of festival they will have. ”

“This festival is sure to give us a lot of opportunities. I have never been to a party but I look forward to it this year because I feel it will get bigger and better. and everyone is hungry for another stage. “

Many artists say they are waiting for this year’s Macufe to be unveiled.

Artists call on Macufe organizers to first look at local actors – SABC News

Source link Artists call on Macufe organizers to first look at local actors – SABC News

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