Aryan Khan’s bail application hearing adjourned

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The old saying, “When it rains, it rains,” seems to be yelling at a Bollywood house.

Shah Rukh Khan’s son, Arian Khan, was hit another Wednesday when the bail application hearing was postponed Thursday, and his 23-year-old child was put in jail another night.

Additional Solicitation President (ASG) Anil Kumar Singh, an adviser to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (NCB) in India, was unable to finish the discussion by 5:30 pm Wednesday and will resume discussions Thursday at 12:00 pm The court will resume hearings on Thursday.

Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB last weekend for consuming, selling and buying drugs after a rave party on a luxury liner.

Kahn and seven others were detained by the NCB.

Khan, Munmun Dhamecha and Arbaaz Merchant were first arrested. The trio appeared in the Magistrates’ Court of Esplanade under tight security late Sunday and was placed under NCB control for a day.

Kahn has been charged under various sections of the Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs Act.

The Magistrates’ Court in Mumbai on Friday refused his bail because Khan’s bail claim was “unsustainable,” and the Sessions Court had to hear the matter because the drug was seized. I agreed.

In response to the bail application, the NCB said that Kahn was part of a larger chain, despite the fact that he was not in possession of the drug at the time of the raid, by its main cross-examination. Said it became clear.

The NCB said authorities were not concerned about one person, but said one bail could hinder the investigation, the Hindustan Times reported.

Senior lawyer Amit Desai insisted on Kahn, saying he wasn’t even on cruise when the agency attacked the rave party.

He was arrested on his way to the party, and he and the merchant were stopped at the party gate by NCB staff and asked if they had drugs. No narcotics were found in Khan while the merchant possessed 6g of charas.

Kahn’s lawyer also said they were not pedlers, rackets, or traffickers.

The ASG has informed the Special Drugs and Psychotropics Court that it will need to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mea) to track foreign drug pedalers found in Khan’s WhatsApp conversation.

“Hard drugs, bulk. It can’t be personal consumption. We approached Me to find a way to find this alien,” ASG told the court.

* This is a developing story.

Aryan Khan’s bail application hearing adjourned Source link Aryan Khan’s bail application hearing adjourned

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