As 2020 jumps into history, fireworks will explode on an empty street-SABC News

Fireworks at the Sydney Opera House soared into the sky, but the harbor below was empty as a ghost town. This is an eerie year off that you can’t miss.

There is no light show illuminating Beijing from the top of the TV tower. The lions on Trafalgar Square in London are surrounded by barricades. In Rome, crowds do not gather in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope does not guide the masses, and the drinkers do not dive into their annual Tiber River.

New Year’s Eve balls will drop on Broadway. But instead of hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers cramming side by side into Times Square, the audience became a small group of pre-selected nurses, doctors, and other key workers, leaving the family socially separated. I was 6 feet away with a pen.

Good Redance, 2020. Hello, 2021.

With more than 1.7 million deaths and 82 million infections worldwide since New Year’s Eve last year, we hope the new vaccine will help control the pandemic. The end of the year is unparalleled. Angela Merkel said the same in her 16th New Year’s Eve speech as German Chancellor.

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say. In the last 15 years, we’ve never felt this year so heavy, and despite all the worries and skepticism. We have never been very much looking forward to something new. “

“How bitter it feels for a loved one who is in mourning to lose to Corona, or who has to fight the effects of the disease when the virus is contested and denied by some desperate individuals. I can imagine, “Merkel said. She will be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Germany has banned the sale of fireworks to discourage the crowd. Berlin officials said police “consistently punish violators.”


In Wuhan, China, where the pandemic broke out a year ago, it was expected that thousands would gather at a popular landmark in the city center for a countdown to 2021. Some said they were cautious, but I wasn’t particularly worried.

“Safety is our top priority,” said Wuhan resident Wang Xueming, 23.

In Australia, where the Sydney Opera House fireworks are airing around the world as the first big visual display of the New Year, movement has been restricted, rallies have been banned and internal borders have been closed. Most people were barred from coming to downtown Sydney on Thursday night.

Gladys Berejikrian, Prime Minister of New South Wales, including Sydney, said: “Hopefully 2021 will be easier for all of us.”

In the UK, where highly contagious virus variants are widespread and most people are severely restricted, authorities have launched a public message campaign on signs and media to encourage them to “see the New Year safely at home.” ..

Barriers have been built in public places such as Trafalgar Square and Parliament Square in London.

In Italy, the European country, where most of the COVID-19 deaths, bars, restaurants and shops were seen, was closed and a curfew was set from 10 pm to 7 am on New Year’s Eve.

Pope Francis has canceled plans to lead services on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day as his condition of sciatica worsens, the Vatican said.

In France, where curfew is also enforced, up to six adults are allowed to gather around the dinner table, but there is a celebration – small but stylish.

At the luxury delicatessen “Araville de Rodes” in Paris, manager Brystapon prepared a package of foie gras, truffles and patties for a group of two or three people.

“I … stuff foie gras, champagne, and all these foods,” said customer Annie Chaplin. “And I’m at home.”

As 2020 jumps into history, fireworks will explode on an empty street-SABC News

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