Assad Al Hanini is a versatile businessman taking up three business ventures at the same time

Assad Al Hanini is a multitasker and is known to own three different businesses – one dealing with Athlete management, the second for watchmaking, and a man who runs different gyms. Interestingly, he has done all these things at just the age of 27. Yes, you heard it right, and he gives credit to his family who has supported and guided him for all the things that came in his life. He is a successful entrepreneur who intends to fly high in this world.
All thanks to the hardships, and the obstacles he had to overcome. Born Jordan, he then got the chance to live in different places including Russia, Greece, Qatar and several places.He did his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering at the American University and his Master’s in business at the University of Bedfordshire, in England.

He has worked in business development equipping businesses with proper knowledge especially during the pandemic, in a numerous number of places. He also has his three different countries with his athlete management company, Kings Club dealing with digital and social media marketing for the athletes also, as well as training more than 1800 fighters. He wears different hats and has played a competent role in everything he has done in his life and intends to go a long way ahead.

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