Avisa Partners, an international group, has announced the acquisition of 35 ° Nord, a telecommunications agency specializing in Africa.

Avisa Partners, an economic intelligence, international affairs and cybersecurity company, and 35 ° Nord, a telecommunications and influential agency specializing in Africa, have announced a capital merger.

Since its establishment in 2010, Avisa Partners has relied on a group of partners and high-level consultants, strong organic growth, and numerous acquisitions to accelerate international development, with sales of approximately € 45 million in 2021. High is expected. Avisa Partners has 27 partners. We have 180 consultants and engineers in Paris, Washington, Brussels, London and Geneva.

Founded in 2012, 35 ° Nord provides global media, digital and public relations services to approximately 50 African and international clients. 35 ° Nord is a benchmark agency with approximately 30 employees in Paris and the continent, including four partners (Romain Grandjean, Adrien Loriller, Philippe Perdrix and Quentin Ruffat), with sales of over € 5 million in 2021. became.

Avisa Partners already exist on the continent and will welcome five heads of state of Africa, the chair of the African Union Commission and the President of the European Council this year, especially with the organization of the Dakar International Forum on Africa’s Peace and Security. In this way, the group strengthens Africa’s expertise to support public and private clients facing reputation, communication and development issues on this continent. As part of that, 35 ° Nord has achieved its own complementarity and integrated the new profession into a proposal to put Africa and its decision makers at the center of international affairs.

“We welcome our trusted partner, 35 ° Nord, who has worked with us for many years. Africa is a continent where our clients seek to develop and diversify their activities to provide outstanding opportunities with knowledge of these markets. After the integration of astronomical observatories in Arab countries, the opening of offices in the Americas, and the launch of the China Desk in 2015, this has further strengthened its already abundant international forecasting capabilities and rapidly expanded throughout Asia. “I did,” Matthew declares. Crew, President of Avisa Partners.

“This merger will provide our customers with new professions by providing both research and analytics capabilities and influence or research while maintaining a comparative advantage over African Continent and historic business-related issues. Can be enriched. ”explains the founders of 35 ° Nord, Romain Grandjean and Philippe Perdrix.

Samuel Richer (ROOM Avocats) and François Paillier (Transactions & Compagnie) advised 35 ° Nord. Amaury Nardone (Axipiter) has supported Avisa partners. The acquisition of 35 ° Nord marks the ninth time for Avisa Partners in less than six years, making it Europe’s leading French group in economic intelligence and strategic issues.

About Avisa Partners

Avisa Partners is a French business intelligence group based in Paris with offices in Washington and Miami, USA, Brussels, London and Geneva, Europe. The team consists of approximately 200 consultants or engineers, led by approximately 30 employees. Avisa Partners supports nearly 500 clients annually on cybersecurity and risk management issues or topics that require public relations, strategic communication, or international affairs skills. The group also hosts several ecosystem events, including the International Cyber ​​Security Forum and the Dakar Forum.

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About 35 ° Nord

Founded in 2012, 35 ° Nord has become an African-focused communication strategy and influence benchmarking agency. Agencies support clients by building their advocacy, strengthening their reputation, and promoting profits with public decision makers and private stakeholders. 35 ° Nord provides solid African expertise and the highest international standards in its business: media and public opinion, digital strategy and public relations.

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Avisa Partners, an international group, has announced the acquisition of 35 ° Nord, a telecommunications agency specializing in Africa.

Source link Avisa Partners, an international group, has announced the acquisition of 35 ° Nord, a telecommunications agency specializing in Africa.

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