Ayanda Borotho slams festival-goers for ‘big things’ at KZN floods

South African actress Ayanda Borotho has gone online to share her thoughts on festival-goers using KZN for free PR. Going on Instagram, he shared a long message urging people to stop sharing flood-related information. Instead, he said that they should share what they have given or how they have helped to prevent people from losing respect.

KZN Floods: Ayanda Borotho has been hailed by many celebrants

Isibaya Actor Ayanda Borotho has thrown out some South African celebrities taking advantage of the KwaZulu-Natal floods to get free attention.

Going on Instagram on April 17, Ayanda insulted the attention seekers by writing:

“Please can we stop distributing the victims? Post the destruction, not the people. This is not about you. It is not about us. It is about the people involved.

“Print out what you do, your ingredients on the blanket. These are the things we put in place to encourage people to donate and earn money but continue to take pictures, distribute essays where their children’s and family clothing is kept in memory, or women in mourning clothes, where is the mountain of that?

“A lot of people do their own thing without a camera. This is not PR. These are good people. Stop playing real life on these fake media channels. Even content must have its place. Learn to be respectful of people regardless of class. ”

Mzansi agreed

The post received a lot of finger people who are sincerely agreed:

theblackwendy says:

“I wish I could ‘like’ this one million.”

khosey_m said:

“They look like photographers at a funeral site set up by other mourners.”

Others think her status is a direct shadow of TV presenter Ayanda Ncwane who recently shared a photo of herself helping flood victims KZN.

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Ayanda Borotho slams festival-goers for ‘big things’ at KZN floods

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