Babes Udumo shows trends after Makaji claims in a viral IG video that he “wants her man”

Rubber singer and reality show star Babes Wodumo, along with Rinpopo’s hit maker Makaji, has been trending for hours after a video clip from a recent Instagram live rant.

In a very valuable clip that landed a star on Twitter’s trend list, Babes chased her baby dad after Makaji was insulted by a red card hit maker and “sleeping with him.” Is accused.

After seeing IG Live, Instagrammers tagged Makhadzi and drew attention to Babes’ video. Makhadzi initially chose to make the situation blue, but later posted a cheeky response.

In a tweet written in Tshivenda, Makhadzi said he believed that everything was stunt and, in her opinion, the husband of the “girl in Durban” couldn’t satisfy her.

“Imagine your boyfriend hearing that I’m looking for another man, just because someone wants to say my name and pull a stunt … but I’ve already forgiven her. , I answered to satisfy her, “she added in another tweet.

Munna wahoula nwana wa Durban athivhoni atshinga mpfusha, ndikhoamba ndotomusedza ngamato. khamusi ndi I think it’s a stunt. — Makhadzi (@MakhadziSA) December 28, 2021

Makhadzi previously collaborated with Mampintsha on a song called Sugar Sugar.

TshisaLIVE contacted Makhadzi for comment through her record label, but they hadn’t responded by the time this article was published. This article will be updated when they respond.

West Ink Records manager Sbu Ncube said in a statement that he would “return” to Tshisa LIVE.

On Twitter, people had a hard time believing in Babes’ anger. Tweepe was convinced that Babes’s “abuse” was part of the PR stunt she was pulling to get SA’s attention when she dropped the latest EP called Crown.

Just last week, Babes became popular on various social media platforms after a video of her tossed insult to her mother-in-law, who allegedly left her baby Manpinsha three days after her birth, became viral.

Wololo’s hit maker has begun livestreaming on Instagram, threatening to get involved in a fight with his mother-in-law. This happened in the same way that the singer announced that he would release an EP.

Sbu told Tshisa LIVE that the video is a promotional stunt to draw attention to Babes’ EP.

“We were trending and wanted to do something to look at us, but it worked. I told Babes when the kids were sleeping and didn’t witness the strong words. I asked him to do it, “he said.

In a statement shared with TshisaLIVE, Babes apologized for the strong words used in her live video and explained that it was part of the story of Sponge Waudumo.

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Babes Udumo shows trends after Makaji claims in a viral IG video that he “wants her man”

Source link Babes Udumo shows trends after Makaji claims in a viral IG video that he “wants her man”

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