Bahumi’s father’s name sparked controversy on Twitter

Twitter users are divided into types of ads Somizi Mhlongo’s The girl wants to change her father’s name as the latest episode of her reality series airs on Showmax on Wednesday, May 18th.


Somizi Mhlongo Bahumi’s daughter wants to take her grandfather but her mother is a Palesa Madisakwane actress who tells her that she has a tradition that should come first.

Palesa also brought her father’s name change at a birthday dinner. Bahumi was not interested in the time her mother was coming but her grandfather told her to feel sorry for her. He explained that his father should do the right thing first so that he could take his father’s name. This comes after Palesa revealed that Somizi paid nothing when Palesa was born.

“Dad, what do you think Bahumi will do to change his father’s name? His being a Mhlongo “Palesa asked.

“Bahumi was born into a traditional, rich and cultural family. His father must do the right thing. He knows what culture rules, ”he said.

“If Bahumi goes and does this as he pleases, he will be surprised later. But when it does, he will be ashamed to return,” he continued.

Bahumi went to his grandmother’s grave where he fell into tears.

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WEEPS is divided into

Twitter users are divided on the issue. Some think Somizi should pay a ransom to Bahumi but he should accept that culture is important. In other words, he cannot change his father’s name alone.

“If Somizi is not busy making sure he runs with his friends and forgets about his son, he will fix his father’s name a long time ago. Now it looks like Bahumi is forcing him to do something. right, as forced by Umemulo. He doesn’t even seem to like #LTDWSOMIZI, “tweeted @MaabuleM.

“Bahumi should get this picture now. I mean, everyone says the same thing when it comes to father’s name. All he has to do is listen. #LTDWSOMIZI,” tweeted @RethabileMokg.

“I do but sometimes what he does is wrong. Bahumi is in his late 20s, he is still crying for Somizi’s father. Somizi always has money and he has to do the right thing for a long time. past, “tweeted @MaabuleM.

Other Tweeps thought he should be allowed to change his father’s name.

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Bahumi’s father’s name sparked controversy on Twitter

Source link Bahumi’s father’s name sparked controversy on Twitter

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