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Baleka Mbete ignored whistleblower report on arms deals

Former Speaker of Parliament Baleka Mbete admitted to the State Capture Commission that she had received information from a whistleblower about the arms deal, which is now before the courts, but completely did. ignored.

Mbete appeared before the committee on Tuesday, May 18, 2021 to testify on parliamentary oversight, particularly during his tenure.

According to Mbete, an anonymous whistleblower slipped a report under his door detailing the arms deal, which would later prove credible. Instead of following up on the allegations, she ignored them, saying Parliament was far too busy to hear them.

“I want to tell you, president from a time when I was vice president. The speaker was absent and I was acting speaker. A document was slipped under my door. In fact, when I read it, it was about the famous arms contract. This document had no signature. He did not have an author, ”Mbete told Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, chairman of the commission.

“But, yes, it contained some scary things that were claimed. I had to apply my mind for hours and made a decision. Parliament is very busy and I have to take this dramatic document and say that Parliament must integrate this into its program. On what basis? Who is the author? And I just didn’t act on it ”

Baleka Mbete at State Capture Commission – has no regrets ignoring arms deal report

If you think you’ve heard it all, you haven’t – Baleka Mbete has no regrets ignoring the outrageous arms deal report and even told the State Capture Commission she would do it again, if she was faced with a similar situation, in particular. because the author is anonymous.

“I said if another opportunity like this presented itself, I would decide anyway [the same]. I will not take a document which contains a lot of rumors, dramas and very worrying. But why is there no author? The person who dragged it under my door has to come and I will act accordingly, ”she said.

Let’s refresh your memory: Former President Jacob Zuma has reportedly received 783 suspicious payments to the tune of R 1.2 million from French arms maker Thales as part of the multibillion rand arms deal. The payments were reportedly made through his disgraced former financial adviser Shabir Shaik. These are bribes, in exchange for protecting Thales from an investigation into how he marked the contract.

Zuma is currently on trial in this case and faces 16 charges of fraud, corruption, racketeering and money laundering.

Baleka Mbete ignored whistleblower report on arms deals

SourceBaleka Mbete ignored whistleblower report on arms deals

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