Barrows Hotel Enterprises begins offering USD 250 million high yield Bond Structure

Cart (, a provider of hotel investment and consulting services for hotels in the Middle East and Africa, began offering a USD 250 million Bond structure to Institutional Investors to secure the acquisition of hotels on the African Continent.

High-yield bonds are securities that can be issued on the public market or placed over the counter. Private placement is a method of placing debt with a small number of professional investors, who may or may not be registered. Often, but not exclusively, these investors are non-banking institutions. Most bonds are issued on the public bond market, although the private placement market is also an important source of liquidity.

Barrows has been a capital-raising partner for many developers in the GCC and the African continent for decades. The company now sees an opportunity to independently develop new and existing hotel locations.

We add value with new technologies and continuous innovation over the long term, enabling us to achieve very solid profit figures combined with high returns for our professional investors. Long-term rentals with well-known hotel operators in the best locations in the world contribute to a steady stream of income from long-term rentals.

The increasing demand from professional and institutional markets such as pension funds, insurance companies, private equity parties and family offices has been the reason for establishing a bond structure with a fixed annual coupon rate of 20% and a duration of 60 months. Part of the bond structure is a solid guarantee for investors over the life of the investment.

West Africa is growing rapidly and in the coming decades West Africa will develop more hotel resorts combined with new infrastructure resulting in high occupancy rates by new and existing visitors, jobs and new business opportunities, said Barrows Chair Erwin Jager.

Barrows Hotel Enterprises internationally manages more than 10,000 hotel rooms in more than 10 countries. Barrows specializes in the fast-growing hotel industry throughout the MENA Region including West Africa.

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Barrows Hotel Enterprises begins offering USD 250 million high yield Bond Structure

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