Baserow Challenges Airtable with Open Source Codeless Database Platform

An anonymous reader cites TechCrunch’s report. The burgeoning low-code and no-code movement shows little sign of slowing down, and many start-ups continue to raise significant sums to make it easier for less-skilled people to develop and deploy software. Arguably one of the most notable examples of this trend is: air table, a 10-year-old business that recently achieved a whopping $11 billion in code-free platforms that companies like Netflix and Shopify use to create relational databases. Alongside this, there is a growing number of “open source alternatives” to some popular technologies, from Google’s backend-as-a-service platform Firebase to the open-source scheduling infrastructure that is trying to replace the powerful Calendly. A young Dutch company called bass row Standing at the intersection of these two trends, it is touting itself as an open-source Airbase alternative. Helping people build databases with minimal technical skills.. Today, Baserow is moving the platform from its current database-centric foundation to a “complete, open-source, code-free toolchain,” co-founder and CEO Bram Wiepjes told TechCrunch.

So, what exactly does Baserow do in its current appearance? Anyone with the most basic spreadsheet skills can use Baserow for use cases that span content marketing, such as jointly managing brand equity across teams. event management and organization; Help HR teams or startups manage and track applicants for new roles. Baserow provides pre-built templates. […] Baserow’s open-source credentials are arguably their key selling point and promises greater extensibility and customization (users can create their own plugins to enhance functionality, similar to how WordPress works). Very specific or niche use cases that are not well supported by off-the-shelf SaaS solutions. Additionally, some sectors require full control over their data and technology stacks for security or regulatory compliance. This is where open source is really needed, given that businesses can host their products on their own and bypass vendor dependencies.

With a new €5 million in bank, Baserow plans to double its commercial efforts, starting with a premium version officially launched in its early access program later this month. This offering is available as a SaaS and self-hosted product and includes a number of features such as the ability to export to various formats. User Management Tool for Administrators Kanban View; And more. Additional “advanced” offerings are also available only to SaaS customers and include higher data storage limits and service level agreements (SLAs). Baserow has been running somewhat under the radar since it was officially founded in Amsterdam last year, but claims to have 10,000 active users, 100 backers who donate to the project via GitHub, and 800 users already on a waiting list for the premium version. Later this year, Baserow plans to introduce a paid enterprise version for self-hosted customers that supports specific needs such as audit logs, single sign-on (SSO), role-based access control, and more.

Baserow Challenges Airtable with Open Source Codeless Database Platform

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